D4: Free of Season/NS Play

Indeed. The purpose of the thread is to discourage the D3 Season experience from be duplicated in D4. And hopefully put an end to the exclusivity.

Who’s know? Maybe, maybe not. Some players the Season in less than a week and then they move on. That leaves 2 month and 3 weeks of the Season unplayed.

Your description made it seem that seasonal legendaries dropped in non-season due to player complaint, instead of it being decided early on by blizzard. Despite some of us already knowing, not everyone played this game since the start and could’ve ended up misinformed.

Yes, non-seasonal players can potentially have more paragon, gold, mats, and ancients/primals than seasonal players. However, seasonal players have the seasonal theme, which in some cases help balance out that difference.

Okay, but that’s what seasonal theme are there for. Double bounties/gobs on the other hand aren’t new mechanics, they’re events that had occurred in the game before seasons even appeared in Diablo 3 (at least double gobs were). So again, letting non-seasonal players benefit from such events wouldn’t take away from season; that is unless the seasonal theme is regarded with disdain by the playerbase.

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I support this. They can even have a reset league with rankings for those interested. Make seasons more like MMO content patches.

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My description said what it meant to say. Non-seasonal players didn’t like that when new season started only seasonal characters could access the new legendaries RIGHT AWAY.
Maybe you didn’t play during that time, so you are just assuming stuff just because the way you read my sentenses.
They complained, and then Blizzard started giving out these new legendaries to both Seasonal and Non-seasonal when they patched new season into the game. When the season STARTED, not ENDED.

Go ahead and ask Blizzard why they added these “mid-season buffs” for season themes. See if it’s “just because they got bored and wanted to add them just for funsies”.

The bottom line still stands. You got your “shelf game 1000” and you got your “uber game 5000”. You choose which to play, and which to have fun with.
But if you think “uber game 5000” is crapping on your “shelf game 1000”, then it’s the problem with your attitude and perception, not the way developers decide to patch their game.
You are practically crying, “This guy has more mats than me! Why does he get it and not me?”

If you want your “shelf game 1000” to feel more enganging to you, then comparing it to “uber game 5000” is not the way to go. Learn constructive criticism and making proper suggestions instead of trying to equalize two different aspects of the game.

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I’ve played since launch so again seasonal items have always been made available to non-season at the end of season. This was decided and told to the community around the time when seasons were initially announced. Now did some folks complain? Sure. But Blizzard didn’t change their mind because of it, as this continued until Season 5, which was when new items became available to non-seasonal players after the patch, and seasonal players at the start of the season.

If anything, I believe blizzard stopped making seasonal exclusive items simply because they didn’t want to keep making new items for every season.

Oddly enough, you seem to think that if Blizzard made the double bounty event available to non-season players as well, then season would lose value; which is wrong unless the seasonal theme is considered bad by the player base. Letting non-season experience events doesn’t make them equal to season, as season would still have their themes.

No, he’s reading your sentences exactly as you wrote them. It seems that the problem lies in your “style” writing. The above quote is a good example of this “style”.

They added new sets and new legendary powers the last few seasons.
Your “I believe” has no weight here.

No I don’t. Again, you’re assuming this just because they way you want to read my sentenses. I am just simply pointing out the “cause and effect” of what happened before, which is people complain about trivial things repeatedly and things change. This is the same across all the games in Blizzard. I can write a PHD on this, if I cared enough to do it, but here are a few examples:

  • Overwatch:

    • Symmetra beam didn’t require aiming before
    • Bridgitte was way easier to play and shut down a lot of characters with her CCs and healed faster
    • Mercy could at first instantly res everyone to deny several ults; then could res two in succession while invulnerable
    • Hog could catch anyone regardless if you ran behind cover in time or not
  • Hearthstone:

    • Demon Hunter’s insane aggro was nerfed to the ground
    • Hunter’s aggro was nerfed to the ground and then brought back slightly
    • Priests annoying ressurrect playstyle was gone and now it’s even more annoying

All of the above had changes directly tied to the community’s overwhelming whiny nature. This is clear statistics as to how game balance works at Blizzard.

Again, I’ll repeat myself to you, but I’ll try to not use metaphors or analogies, because it seems you either completely ignore them or just try to twist them based on your own thinking.
If you want regular play to be fun and engaging to you, or you just want to have bonuses like “double mats/goblins/whatever”, then just write a thread saying “Hey, Blizz. I want … in my regular game”.
DO NOT compare regular gameplay bonuses to seasonal because it just doesn’t make sense. These are two different game modes for TWO different type of players. When they are THE SAME, you practically kick ONE OF THOSE PLAYERS in the nuts. Why? Because that one player will come here and complain about the very same thing that you complained about before.

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First of all, you can’t quote half of a sentence and call it a “a good example of a writing style”.
Secondly, I have yet to see your contribution to this conversation after I clearly destroyed your point of view on why seasons and their bonuses exist.
Thirdly, if you are reading things “exactly as they are written”, then it is even worse than twisting the meaning of words based on your own perception and thought process.

Season can be fine imo.
Just make them way longer. 3 months is nothing. It only encourages the whole speedrun mentality. Let us really play through the game, spend time getting gear, make multiple characters etc.
I’d say at least 6 months per season. You can have content patches during seasons as well.

And honestly, the new content does not have to be season only. Let people choose. Maybe seasons can have a 1-2 week headstart on new content, before it is also activated on non-season.

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There have been seasons where we didn’t receive either new items/legendary powers and only number changes, and/or nothing at all. The new sets that were given to us were done so sparingly, as in some classes didn’t receive anything while others did; which was different from how it was in the first couple of seasons where every class had got something new at the start of season. So my belief does hold weight. You just refuse to see it.

And your “cause and effect” analysis is at least partially mistaken. Again, the complaints had little to do with Blizzard no longer making exclusive legendaries for season. We had 21 seasons thus far, if Blizzard was continuing making exclusive legendaries; then that means they would had needed to make a new items every season for every class. Seeing how things had progressed thus far with new items, legendary powers, and set adjustments, they definitely were either not up to it or had no desire to do so.

… You do know that giving double bounties to non-season doesn’t automatically equal that they have the seasonal theme too right? Because for some reason, that literally seems to be what you think.

Lastly, if player complaint was enough to change blizzard’s mind (as you think it can), then they wouldn’t still be gating stash tabs behind seasons.

The new class sets and/or updated supporting legendaries were part of the patches that occurred prior to each new season starting, i.e. the new gear was available in non-seasonal before it became available to seasonal heroes.

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That snippet is a true representation of the body of your writing.

Oblivion had already addressed the errors of your ways. No need to beat a dead horse. Bottom line, there’s no reason for the exclusivity.

Or it maybe that you’re misunderstanding your very own writing.

If having to start over is the only thing keeping people playing, then yes, that’s a crutch, creating artificial comtent. Ideally people would keep playing because the content is engaging to do multiple times, people want to complete several classes, it takes longer to get a full build and you don’t just find the same items with better stats over and over, etc.


if you cant create a game that makes people just keep playing
idk, git gud?

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You do know that doing this very thing is practically saying, “Hey, the rewards for doing bounties and farming should be practically doubled all the time everywhere.”
Because for some reason, you seem perfectly fine skipping and ignoring 80% of my posts and going back to your own original whiny post saying same things over and over again.

Like I’ve been pointing this thing so many times, you are practically crying that you’re not getting as much crafting materials as seasonal players. This has nothing to do with the topic, the season and its themes, with D4, development, balance, or anything of constructive nature.

I explained why seasons exist and how they evolved. I showed you why season themes were introduced. I hinted that these minor “double buffs” were added as a compensation for lackluster themes, and a way to keep playerbase somewhat satisfied.
All you ever said was, “Give non-seasonal double cache/goblin, because seasons have themes already. Why should seasons have so many bonuses and non-seasonal have nothing?”

You are just acting like an entitled kid who didn’t get your share of candy/cake just because you showed up.

All in all, you did nothing constructive or positive, but troll me and incite a pointless argument with me, in which you don’t even care to argue your side other than say, “They have it, I want it, too. They don’t lose anything.”
It’s a good thing you at least have DieHarder on your side, who for some reason seems perfectly fine being your troll sidekick.

It seems to me, you guys are so bored that you got nothing better to do that just troll people around forums for no aparent reason.
So, really, drop this whiny trollish attitude of yours, and grow up.
If you want a proper discussion, at least show that you care and want it. If you are genuine and just didn’t know that you were so dumb, I hope you’ll learn from your mistakes and be more useful to this community from now on. Otherwise, I hope your trolling nature will be the end of your online voice.


There should be both really. For the next three months both season and non-season will enjoy abc and 123. If you choose to play a seasonal character you also get xyz in addition to abc and 123.

Both get something and seasonal gets a bit more. There you go. However, I hope this isn’t even in existence for D4.

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Where did anyone in the entire thread ask for perm double bounties?

Worry not, I read your entire posts. Just because I quote part of it, doesn’t mean I skipped the rest, despite how irrelevant most of it was.

Mind pointing out where I was whining?

If that’s what you got from my posts, then you have been reading them practically wrong. Nowhere did I cry that non-seasonal players don’t get as many materials as seasonal players. Instead I only said that if non-seasonal players benefited from events like double bounties and gobs, it wouldn’t in any way devalue season as season would still have it’s theme.

You’re the one who made the claims regarding players whining took away seasonal exclusivity, then you took offense when I corrected you.

Maybe that’s how you saw, but you didn’t exactly did that. Besides, most of what you said certainly didn’t align with what Blizzard said or their actions. Once again, if non-season players “whining” had as much effect as you claimed, then the extra seasonal stash tabs would’ve been made available to non-season by now. But it’s not; which should tell you how much influence non-season players “whining” actually has (very little btw).

Okay, but how does making them available to non-season as well make the playerbase unsatisfied?

Sure let both of them enjoy an event. After all, double goblin and bounty isn’t a new mechanic nor would it be a new event for non-season.

I’m not fond of cake or candy (sugarless gum is fine), so I would feel gratitude if I was offered none just for showing up.

I believe most of my posts were neutral to positive at the best of times. They weren’t nearly as negative as yours.

Look I don’t really care if you insult me, but please avoid insulting the other posters. We’re only having a discussion, follow by a disagreement regarding events and whether they should be active for season or non-season.

While I do bore easily, I don’t make a habit of actively trolling folks.

I probably will if you learn how to have one first, one where you don’t resort to insulting folks just for the sake of it.

Don’t count on it.

Take care.

Actually that’s exactly why i play seasons, and ONLY play seasons

You don’t speak for everyone, stop acting like you do


And after that, there was no new legendaries for every season after that for quite some time. NS players must be damn happy with that.

Don’t speak for me please. I have completed the seasonal journal of this season yet I still playing it. The same goes to those players that are still competing the Seasonal Leaderboard at this moment.

Also, I still remember the time when D3 Classic was launched without Ladder and almost everyone was mad and angry.

So I guess Diablo 2 and PoE wasn’t good then despite the popularity that they got. I mean, they also have ladder and league right? :rofl:

What was the last season for “seasonal exclusive/delayeed legendaries”?

What was the first season where you had to do seasons to get an extra stash tab?

What patch started to introduce legendaries at the same time for seasons/non-seasons?

My vague recollection was that there was no gap so seasons still had extra benefits that were attractive to a subset of non-season players.