D4: Free of Season/NS Play

its just a fact that people arent playing D2 for a few weeks every start of a new “season”
they are just playing the game on their own pace, creating chars and making challenge runs because the game is apparently interesting even without montly “heres your new set, heres your new grift”
thats what i mean with core game

we are talking about d4 here still

I think D4 doesnt need seasons, just time events which will include some zones in the world. Event will last for about 2 weeks and then next event will appear. Need to make any separate mode for racers and anyone who will want to start from very beginning for fun. This is how should it look for me :smiley:

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How do you know? Please provide your evidence for that claim.

Do you know that you can get the new sets without playing the season, right?

Also, so far, new sets are not included in the Haedrig’s gift, so saying that people playing the season for new sets are just showing how disconnected and lack of knowledge you are with D3, yet you are so shameless to discuss about it. :rofl:

The reason why D3 fans playing seasons is the same as those D2 fans playing the D2 ladder. A fresh start.

D3 Classic doesn’t have Season/Ladder in the past and got blasted hard by community during the launch.

cus there arent that frequent new seasons in d2 because online support isnt very active? i only witnessed that start of this year, the ladder got reset

Most actually seem to be asking for a Remaster, not Remake. Which answers the question.

Link to a post where Blizzard said it is not ok to discuss D2?

Most of the time, it is being discussed in the context of either D3 or D4 anyway.

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The stickied Welcome! Please Read says…

Welcome to the Diablo III Community Forums. These forums are here to provide you a friendly environment where you can discuss everything Diablo III with your fellow players.

How is a Diablo II remaster Diablo III related?

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Do you mean that the D2 ladder only resets every 6 months? It is always being that. So what so weird about it?

I was asking for a quote that explicitly told people they couldn’t discuss D2.
This only states they can discuss D3. It does not say that is the limit of discussion.

Besides, being a prequel is a quite direct relation tbh.
Stay awhile, and learn the backstory of Cain, before he got murdered by a butterfly, and all that.
A Remaster would be a window into the Diablo 3 backstory, for a lot of people who started the franchise with Diablo 3.

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If you prefer NS then simply play NS.

Please leave us Seasonal players alone!

well, people are just playing offline much more independend of any ladder resets or any updates
it is said very frequently that NS is pretty much dead in D3

Not true.
D3 Seasons were added because D2 has Seasons.
It’s pretty simple.

I only played non season. And it won’t let me play the game anymore :frowning:

what do you mean? it wont let you play the game? :confused:

well… i have been told i can’t talk about it but since you asked i guess i can. If i load up Diablo something will cause the game to turn my pc off. It used to turn itself back on but now i have to give it a love tap. The power button does nothing until it goes back on again. If i don’t load up Diablo or accept notifications from the forum my pc is fine… It’s all a bit strange.

holy crap
you should get a doctor for your pc in that case

i have i got 12 of them now. 2080 nurses

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If the sticky says the forum is for discussing X, you don’t need a neverending list of examples of Not(X) to show what you shouldn’t be discussing.

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It would be pretty easy for Blizzard to step in, if they thought D2 talk was not appropriate. I have certainly seen topics about PoE, Wolcen etc. be moved to another sub-forum.

Well said. It is common sense. At least they made a thread that you can speak D4 in D3 forum. So yes, D2 fans should go back posting at designed Blizzard D2 forum.

Who knows? Both of us have no data on that. All we know that Blizzard add “season” to D3 because the community asked for it in the past.

Some people are playing for a few days every season. Some are also playing for the same amount of hours as years ago or even more or slightly less etc We don’t have the stats on this but it is a fact that some people barely play each new season and some grind just like in the past.

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