D4 Better Than What Everyone is Saying

but yea… i will whoop someone down if they try to tell me in person this game isnt a reskin haha

What’s wrong with you threatening people

D4 >>>> D3, already at this early beta stage and D3 is after a DECADE of updates.

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So… A game released in 2023 has better graphics than a game released in 2012?

Wew, so good must be game of the year for sure!

Seems you’re unaware of what a troll is. A troll isn’t simply someone being negative, it’s someone intentionally trying to get a reaction out of people.

D3 characters would mean nothing either way. That’s what the whole point about seasonal resets…

Besides that, D4’s release isn’t shutting down D3 servers… People can (And likely will) still play D3 after D4’s release.

I assure you, not a single person on these forums cares about you.

People streamed and watched D:I too. Does that mean that D:I is a great game?

I keep seeing people saying stuff like this like how a decade of updates is why D3 is so good…

But… The thing is, that decade of updates simply gives developers information on what to include into a game to make it good. D4 should have released with all the lessons they learned about what worked in D2 and D3 over the years of updates they made to those games.

Instead, it’s releasing as a basic version of a Diablo game which people are comparing to D3 beta.

Sure, a decade of updates might mean more content to play through… But the underlying systems shouldn’t be necessarily that different.

Either way, I’m gonna hold off on D4. Maybe when it goes on sale I’ll pick it up. Since the game might be fun but $70 fun? I’m not sure…


I’ve tried it, for 16+ hours, it’s the most boring MMO I’ve ever played.


You won’t convince me it is any good unless RMT/Bots/content selling in game are assaulted on day one till closing of game.

I completely disagree. The game is a lot like Immoral with some D3 stuff mixed in. The classes are still all about the resource system, dictating to me what skills I get to use and when. I want the freedom to pick my skills and use them as I see fit. Gameplay is D3, open world, dungeons, and story presentation is all Immoral. I also hate the gear affixes. Having to scroll through them to find bonuses such as more damage at range, more damage close to enemies, etc. Annoying and discourages hybrid builds.

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For those that play it yes, but then I don’t need to do on their forums and call them fools because they like something I don’t, and I don’t have an issue with people liking something I don’t