D4 Better Than What Everyone is Saying

Playing the Beta and I can already tell this is way better than D3. The Graphics alone are amazing compared to D3. The gameplay itself feels way better. Don’t listen to all the negativity and try this beta out yourself. I was skeptical after reading all the negative feedback but now I can clearly see it was all a lie. This game feels and looks 10x better than expected. Blizzard put a lot of time in this game no doubt.


Lol we have tried the beta ourselves, and it’s exactly how we say it is.

0/10 failtroll.


You are clearly the troll here. Me saying it’s a good game and you say I’m the troll? I’m trolling the trollers who say it is a bad game because it clearly is really good from what I have played. Trolls are always negative like yourself. 0/10 trolling for you for not knowing what a troll is.


Lol took you all this time to type that up?

And yes, since all you got to show for it is a lvl8 D3 Barb, that would paint you as the troll.

Nice try Rob Fergusson’s alt account.

d4 is meh at best.

the fake news marketing is worse than CNN/Fox at this point.


Well, at least with this Open Beta… I can see for myself, I say… D4 can’t hold a candle to D3.

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Nearly everything is better than D3 though.
D4 is certainly one of them.

It just has some massive issues.

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40 million copies will be sold the first 2 weeks of launch. Sorry your D2 and D3 characters will mean nothing when this game comes out. You are obviously mad that you spent so much time on your D3 characters, and they will mean nothing when D4 comes out. This is my second account I have a 2k paragon barbarian and 3 other characters not far behind on my main account and I could care less about my D3 characters when D4 comes out. I’m ready for something new and better. the nonstop same stuff we end up running in D3 gets boring. If I post on my main account, I will have thousands of people nonstop messaging me and I’m not trying to deal with that nonsense.

Yeah it took them such a long time to hit Copy on the D2 classes & Paste them into D4.


It’s funny that you are talking about alt accounts, hypocrite much :clown_face:

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Hey now, D4 is a pretty good game, it just needs some work on:

  • graphics
  • character animations
  • storyline
  • overall direction
  • music
  • netcode
  • itemization
  • skill trees
  • servers
  • price point
  • user interface
  • controls

But, with all that in mind, please remember that this is Blizzard’s first time making a game.
Oh wait, it isn’t?!


Actually exactly Diablo Immortal without P2W … idk if you realized from all the thousands of inquiries but D3 PC players didn’t want to play with console players we made that very clear… if so we’d be on a useless console from the get go… the games a polished blank sure its great looking and everything but no one cared for Diablo Immortal we all said if this is what Diablo 4 is we want no part of it and then the reskined Diablo Immortal came … SoB… cool if you didnt play Immortal and got bored of it within the first few hours because its literally a console/app game on a PC … we literally don’t want nothing to do with the franchise anymore you’ve given up on us and im not buying any other games from your blank company anymore you blanks focus on $ because you see EPIC games and you got jealous its not right you completely abandoned the initial direction of the game we don’t want anything else from you guys you’ve literally ruined enough… find me at the Gym disappointed in Blizzard yet again…

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yes thats you with your 6 people agreeing with you with D 4 is trash but go to twitch and see the streamers and people watching them play
Can’t see why so many people would stream D4 in the first place and have so many people watching them for such a rubbish game

nevermind, I forgot people are too busy playing D4 and enjoying themselves to come here

viewbots are a thing everyone uses them there isnt anyopne who doesn’t if you don’t you have 0 viewers

I’m liking it quite a bit, honestly, but calling it clearly superior is stretching it a bit. It’s definitely a visual upgrade at least. I’m not sold yet on a purchase, however.

idk anyone of these people but I didn’t care for Diablo Immortal don’t care for D4 its all controlled i don’t wanna run a straight line … sorry

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you can tell im disappointed in blizzard, didnt even bother getting the wings or murlok or any of that crap don’t care don’t wanna play these games anymore if you lost me you lost all the legends tbh … its perfectly clear who the targeted audiance was " children " “new players” all people who have no clue of the failed passed promises. cool

you wouldn’t know whether you are playing with a person on console or PC and if it’s such an issue don’t play, make everyone happy

must mean you think you are everyone
must mean I’m not everyone because I don’t know what a viewbot is and don’t care, but seeing as everyone uses them and isn’t anyone that doesn’t , there is obviously something wrong with your statement

all games are controlled, you control them with your controller, keyboard/mouse

You claim you don’t care but look at the carryon from you, if it’s that bad just leave why come in just to make a scene

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go look in the mirror, thats for life if you wanna see me and compare ourselfs side by side im down for that… down’ try to address everything i said in qoutes why not compare our manhood side by side … legit don’t qoute me you won’t be playing anything lol

imagine not having 150s on hardcore and poppin off at the lip to the creator of Zbarb… good job.