[D4] Barb Upheaval - looks plain stupid

It’s literally the Barb flinging dirt in monsters’ faces with his weapon. It looks stupid as hell. It reminds me of what my idiot childhood friend would do to his brother at the beach, but with his foot. Which I thought was laughable at the time.

Might as well copy/paste Seismic Slam back in. Anything would be an improvement over that dumb ish.

FYI there is now a D4 forum broseph.

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Not seeing it anywhere.

PS: :poop:holes called Reddit & Discord are not “D4 forum”.

Try again.

Go official Diablo 4 site, click “…” button from the header, click “forums”.


This guy has been trolling D4 on every forum to mankind. Literally every post talking positive about D4 WittyGem is there to troll it. Don’t listen to him and play the open beta for yourself it’s free. You will clearly see how much better the game is than what he is saying,

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LMFAO I’m not gonna date you. So quit trying to get my attention.

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See link above.


Lol wanna see wrecked, look no further than your post history. How many DonMartin sock poppet accounts you actually have?

Btw Upheaval still looks stupid as hell.

Upheaval is one of the best looking and impactful skill i’ve seen in D4.

Put up some glasses next time? You see in 20 FPS?

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