D3's successor is looking pretty Grim

Just sayin, if you have read the D4 forum, then you will know that everything we’ve discussed here regarding worries about that game are coming to fruition.

What is amazing is that most of the issues people are finally realizing are problems I noticed immediately in the beta test I played. Forum shills would shun me and say, “it’s just a beta test… blah blah”. :skull: Yeah - and the reason they limited those beta test to a level 25 cap and Act 1 only is because you would literally be bored to tears months ago with the game.

I even watched some streams of D4 today out of curiosity - it’s still the same snooze fest I recall from the beta I played. I literally couldn’t even play past 3 hours on the beta because it was so awful.

Now, it is confirmed that D4 is a mess. They have over 30+ open jobs, important jobs, for that game at the moment. There must be some astonishingly bad leadership to have vacant positions at the time of launch including: Senior Game Producer; Manager, Software Engineering; Lead Dungeon Designer; Associate Game Producer, Seasons. And those are just a few amongst many. Don’t believe it? Look up Blizzard Careers yourself! :star_struck:



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I don’t think you can really give Blizzard a hard time on this one. The game’s development was disrupted due to covid and controversy at Blizzard. The ‘controversy’ gave certain groups leverage to hijack Diablo with themes unrelated to the series. For instance, all over the map are shrines unrelated to Diablo.

These power shifts are going to happen, but with all power shifts it is very common for morale to drop and those conflicted with the shift to not put in 100% or leave. This is one reason why the new Starwars films were bad, it isn’t like the producers and directors couldn’t make fantastic films(they have a great track record of amazing films) it’s just in the end all they could do in the chaos is focus on their own wellbeing.

And so, we see the same issue with Diablo 4. And you won’t hear about this anywhere because streamers are ignorant of Diablo lore, ignorant how media is produced. They will hate on the haters because it’s good business, there is no reason for them to dive into this aspect, in a few weeks they will be on to play the next big thing to syphon the creativity of others to drive their viewership.

To make great games is extremely difficult and this is why old Blizzard turned a blind eye to many behaviors. Sadly, the most virtious and ethical people aren’t the hardest workers, and aren’t flexible. OW2 sucks, D4 sucks, and whatever next might suck. There are themes, there are patterns, open your eyes and you will see them.


You summed up your post very well, nice job.


LMAO… trolling for trolling.

Stop right there. Working from home to write code, create and modify artwork, have meetings and video calls, and you call those interrupts? Getting food deliveries and Netflix on break? Come on now. Please stop thinking Acti-Blizz deserves any sort of sympathy with respect to COVID. They have enough money to hire people around the world and coordinate them across time zones. I was doing this back in the early 2000s and with all the advancements in tech it is so much more efficient. Anyone able to work from home was lucky during COVID.


What??? For a game employing 1000+ people they have 30 open positions??? OMG!!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Get a new hobby, you’re bad at trolling.

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Is it?

Except for having ugly characters, and anti-respecc in mind, D4 itself looks pretty good and solid so far. :+1:


To me and I said this from the 1st time I played it. All this is a Immortal with some changes in it. You know the funny part is that this a story line game. People that play D3 hated the story line. But wait now they love it.

If you want to change the looks of your character stuff. Just like Immortal you will have to pay for it. Plus anything really nice in the game give it time. You will end up paying for it.

The other thing he has his opinion of the game and what is being posted over on D4. But like the D3 forum the 1st thing most people do is slam him for it or call him a troll.

The thing is I’ll play the game, but it is something you won’t leave home for. LOL Just a trump up version of the Immortal game without PTW!!!

It is when the employees arent used to the environment, suddenly they are thrown into turning their living room into an office with their spose in the next room.

Played ~2 hours late last night, and 6+ hours today. It’s really too big for my personal liking, with massive areas, which makes the game slow and boring imho. Others may enjoy it, each to their own. Skill tree feels boring and the UI, at least on console, not great. But, the game is playable, and I’m not hating it. I’m not loving it either, I’m kinda in the middle with a big slice of “meh”.

Blizzard has seemingly worked hard to create a PoE clone, but without the excellent skill tree. Items are really meh. I’m not sure if I should have had a legendary item drop yet after ~8 hours or so of play? If a legendary drops, it better be bloody well worth it, given the rarity.

I’d rate the game a 6.0 - not terrible, but not spectacular. There’s certainly room for improvement. Comparing D4 to D3 at release, I think D4 is in a slightly better position from an overall perspective.

Is D4 worth the money Blizzard are asking for it? Nope. It’s vastly overpriced imho. I mean, PoE, made by a much smaller company, with a much smaller budget, feels better overall. True, it’s not a fresh release, but has been out for enough years, with enough patches, to fix issues. But, PoE is essentially free. Legendary drops are more frequent than D4, but not in D3 territory obviously. But drops are reasonable imho, and generally speaking, when a legendary item drops in PoE, it’s useful. That remains to be seen in D4.

Where is this info. officially documented?

You have got to joking. When the pandemic started and people started working from home en-masse, I had ex-coworkers telling me that they were shipped new laptops with a custom corporate image, web cams, head sets, and some companies also sent WFH employees new i-phones. Blizz can afford to do this. A prior company I worked for use to prep. desktops and ship them to WFH staff that were all over the continental US, and this was 8-10 years ago. COVID was a minor blip for office workers blessed enough to have space at home and work for a company that could provide them with hardware. I had friends doing interviews in their living, in a shirt, tie, and pajama pants. My ISP sent their tech support staff home, shipped them equipment, and they were working from home.

Laptop or desktop + electrical outlet + internet connection = I can get lots of work done.

OP is trolling, I’m being hyperbolic.

He just spends all day bashing Blizz. Guess they touched him wrong, somewhere, sometime.

I liked the story line right from the start (and also the story line in D1 and D2).

It can be seen as trolling because there are already several threads with the same topic. Maybe spamming would be more correct.

Yeah true.


Indeed there is evidence that supports your claims, in those articles it says productivity is up, but it isn’t a linear path due to the long term effects.

But staying on point I specifically said in a general statement productivity was affected by covid, which is untrue based on wide spread evidence.

Even without reading those links I can tell you from experience and conversations with lots of remote workers, it is work/life balance and the retarded demands of employers placed on workers that makes working from home a problem real fast. In the US it is common for white collar workers to encounter work calls and notifications after normal working hours. With working from home, aka remote workers, employers tend impose additional work burdens on the employees. As the demands pile on work/life balance is compromised and the idea work time and home time becomes blurred. However, if employers are smart about how they manage their employees a healthy work/life balance can be maintained and the same for high productivity.

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I’ve been watching Raxx’s stream for a while as I was grinding some GRs.

Maybe just my impression, but dude sounds bored out of his mind.

It might be an okay game to play for a month. Long term it looks like a snooze fest.

Uh oh. Somebody gave their honest opinion, and it didn’t mesh with the fanboys. Flamewar incoming, Mystix! You forgot that you can only kiss their feet, you poor soul.


Your post is trollfull, not the OP.
But I won’t report you because of free speech and I value all input. :hugs:


Just 2 issues with D4 for me.

  1. No global chat (it could use general chat channels etc)
  2. You have to suffer through the single player story to unlock adventure mode

Otherwise technically it is amazing. it plays smoother than D3 and looks 10x better

Global chat can be very useful however, in a game with MTX like this, it’ll be spammed with “i like ur sparkle boots teeheehee”. This is why I turned off my chat in town in another game with MTX.