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If there was going to be patch 2.7.8, they would’ve posted the patch notes for it already. It would’ve been in the S31 blog. But there is no mention of it so there won’t be a patch.


As they have to remove the shard stuff and put the cube changes in that’ll need a patch.
Non-emergency patches happen on Tuesdays, so we’ll find out tomorrow.


Technically they don’t have to remove anything. Everything from the previous themes already exist within the game assets, on both client and server side. All they have to do is disable the Shards and enable the cube changes, both which can be achieved with a simple flag on the server side.

As such no patch is needed. But we’ll see tomorrow what happens.

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They dont even mention the season end date like in the past in the season 31 update, so its possible they will roll it out as 2.7.8 without advance notice. Patch 2.7.7 is still about soul shards, which we already know no longer exist in season 31.

KR Age Restriction
Updated Logos for KR Age Restriction from 18 years of age to 19 years of age.
Extra progress orb drops from the Soulshard Stain of Sin now works for Challenge Rifts.
Extra progress orb drops from the Soulshard Stain of Sin and Altar of Rites node Reaper now only drops from monsters inside Nephalem Rifts, Greater Nephalem Rifts, and Challenge Rifts.

So? Ethereals from S24 no longer exist but the theme in its entirety is still within the game. The same goes for Crucibles from S27 and every other theme. Enabling and disabling existing themes does not require a patch.

Again: no patch is needed. At most they fix some bugs and that is the patch they might release tomorrow. That however would still be version 2.7.7.xxxxxx and not 2.7.8.


But, it’s included in the Season 31 Preview Blog: Patch 2.7.7 | Game Updates, as you pointed out.

The original 2.7.7 Patch Notes can be found in the Season 30 Preview Blog:

If there was going to be a Patch 2.7.8, it would have been announced before Season 30 ended (2024-04-07T04:00:00Z). And, it would be deployed sometime tomorrow, 2024-04-09T04:00:00Z


We shall find out soon on tuesday. If its 2.7.7, then perusoe’s tracking (the first sticky post) would have saw its last update, 2.7.7. The final nail in the coffin.

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Maybe not. I just don’t think we’ll see a new Patch every Season.

But, like you said, we’ll know more after tomorrow.

Indeed. Because no new content or other features are added from now on, the only major change that would warrant a patch and a version update would be balance changes. Since there were no balance changes coming in S31, there is no need for a patch.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be balance changes in the future. The likelihood of those however is rather low so I wouldn’t hold my breath. But it is within the realm of possibility.


I’ve updated the OP by including a link to the amended 2.7.7 Patch Notes. I labeled it “Update”.

The link for 2.7.7 still points to the original Patch Notes in the Season 30 Blog. If Blizzard changes this, I’ll update the OP again.

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Chances for balance changes are extremely low going by what i am seeing for season 31. Season 31 is very skewed towards necros vis-a-vis the other classes. Definitely unbalanced… But nay, the devs don’t care, its maintenace mode. So what else will be serious enough to merit a balance patch in future … hmm…

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

When Patch 1.11b was released I thought it was the last Patch we would see.

Three years later Patch 1.12 was released. And…   it didn’t end there.

Date Patch
06/17/2008 1.12
03/23/2010 1.13c
10/25/2011 1.13d
11/24/2015 1.14a
05/17/2016 1.14d

Now, we have Diablo II: Resurrected.

Who knows what Blizzard will do…   or when?

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We have yet to see if anything unexpected interacts between Ethereals or Sanctified with the Altar and Visions. If there are unexpected interactions that cause major positive or negative effects that would likely need to be patched. As such I was hoping they would do all 3 “good” seasons back-to-back to verify continuity, the revelation of only unlimited cube slots is confusing and disappointing in that regard.

OK, a small patch might be coming. Couldn’t start the game, says there’s a patch available.

Thought I’d check it out for myself.

I ran the Battle․net App and got this:

Then, I started D3. While trying to log in to the Game Menu, I got this:

I only tried this on the Americas Region. And I’m not sure there is a Patch waiting. I think this is just a malfunction with Blizzard’s servers. (This has happened in the past).


I just relaunched Battle.net. Update at home (EU) very long to download for only around 58MB (And no, I don’t have a problem with my internet)

Update: nothing new, but I can play


The Patch was

After the Update, it is now

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A few minutes ago, the Battlenet Launcher began this…


Yep, there was a small patch. Doesn’t change the fact that this time no patch was actually needed to prepare for the next season. Everything that is needed was already in game.

What this patch was most likely just the small changes listed at the end of the S31 blog.


I believe this update was to correct the authentication issue that started today.

I don’t think it was about Season 31 or a “new” Patch.