D3 Season Update

Ooooh if we could go to Skovos, and see what Lorath and Tyriel is talking about, would be great.

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That is what I am talking about as new content. I would also like to know what became of the followers and Shen. I enjoyed the side quests we had, did Lyndon ever track down his sister-in-law. Did the Templar ever start a new order? However, I do not believe they will and anything major this close to the launch of D4.

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Thanks for the update.

Better let my lady know she only has a month or so left so she can finish the season, if she wants to. Hasn’t had much time this go-around and I think she’s kind bored with it, in general.

Now, if you make crusader (shield hurling) or monk (specifically tempest rush) more interesting, that’d probably grab her attentions.

Finally the man said the word!!! im expecting more qol, please rework blackthorne set, it is the same thing since ever!

*fingers crossed * please some Uliana’s Stratagem and Jade Harvester love, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top


Finally some communication. I know some of us may seem a bit demanding but communicating towards us, even a little bit, can show us that you haven’t completely forgottun us.

Tail end of January? That’d mean the PTR should start on 26th at latest and the notes coming out before that. Cool.


At last! This will help us to survive till D4 release :wink:


I’d argue adding elemental damage to the pants was the single best change they’ve made for LoN/LoD sets since they introduced the LoD gem: no more Swamp Land Waders farming on a WD alt!

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thanks Pez
appreciate you stopping by


You give me too much credit. But I do agree, new permanent content (as unlikely it may be at this point) would be nice to have.

S27 is dragging way too long. Like almost half a year… Bring S28!

I would check that again.

Thanks for the update!  

If Season 28 starts Friday, February 3, 2023, Season 27 will have run for 161 days.

  • That’s 5 months, 1 week and 1 day.
  • That’s “almost half a year”.

I was thinking in PTR again. Sorry.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: !

Its not gonna start before february 10th.

Multiple reasons:
They need to check PTR feedback
first (maybe) second iteration of the patch
implement patch to live servers
maybe some trouble shooting / bug fixes etc.

Even current event lasts until february 5th.

So, february 10th is the earliest

what a troll :man_facepalming: ofc there wont be much of a new content next to a seasonal theme?! you dont know what monetization means right?

and yep you definitly dont have a life after reading all your stupid comments on this post alone!

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Then, that would make Season 27 168 days long.

  • Which is 5 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.

By the way, my previous reply was just for reference. I wasn’t actually saying that Season 28 was going to start on February 3rd.

In the D4 stream you said there is a plan to do that much more regularly as we approach launch but we only got estimates on D2 and D3 content.

Do we have an estimate on when the next D4 stream will be?

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