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This guide was originally created by @AshTag on 24 May 2014 on the old D3 Forums entitled: [Tips] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide. I’ve been waiting for someone to port it over to the new D3 Forums. And, because it appears that AshTag hasn’t played in nearly 2 years, I’m not sure it’s going to happen. So, I decided to port it myself.

I always found this guide helpful. Especially since it’s very rare that build guides include information on Followers. For Group play it is irrelevant. But, for Solo play, I feel it’s as essential as assigning that fourth Passive Skill at Level 70 or equipping a Hellfire Amulet for a fifth Passive. Maybe more so.

Even though some of the current information may be outdated, and Icy Veins has its own Followers Guide, here is the D3:RoS Followers Guide.

*** Note : Following the removal of the “old forums” by Blizzard on 6 Jan 2020, some of the links below no longer work.

Table of Contents

Introduction — A few things to know


Templar Stats
Templar Templates


Scoundrel Stats
Scoundrel Templates


Enchantress Stats
Enchantress Templates

Legendary items (with Followers Proc) list

One-Handed Weapons


Two-Handed Weapons






Follower Specials

Enchantress Focuses
Scoundrel Tokens
Templar Relics

Unity & Immortal Follower combo

How do I gear my Followers?

Finding equipment

Ashera’s Vestment Set.

So… Which Follower must i choose?


Introduction — A few things to know

With RoS, Followers were greatly improved and can now deal a very decent amount of Damage, even in higher Torment Levels. Some of their Skills and stats were modified, inducing new behaviors, to adopt in gameplay. Some of the Max stats given here, such as MF, Chance to Block, or CHC%, can be made higher by combining current and legacy versions of items.

Disclaimer: Some Followers’ templates efficiency depends on which Game Difficulty they are used on.

  • Set Bonuses do not apply to Followers.
  • Followers’ buffs go away when they die. That only applies to Passive buffs. Equipment Bonuses stay active. It’s the same with Active buffs or CCs that were previously cast. Note: A Follower never “dies”; they just get knocked out.
  • MF/GF/%XP/+XP buffs apply to you with a 1/5 ration. They don’t fade away even if your Follower dies.
  • All stats are effective on Followers; such as Elemental Damage Bonus, CDR, Bonus vs. Elites, etc. Exceptions: All resource related stats and Movement Speed.
  • Followers will appreciate Legendary items you might think are useless for you.
  • Legendary Gems do not work on Followers, except the Gem of Ease.

Oculus Ring changes:

  • No longer rolls with guaranteed Attack Speed, Reduced Damage from Elites, or Resistance to All Elements.
  • Now rolls with a guaranteed Socket.
  • Bonus Damage increased from 30-40% to 70-85%.
  • The Damage Bonus provided by this item is now multiplicative with other sources of Damage.
  • The Damage Bonus provided by this item no longer stacks with overlapping Areas of Focused Power.
  • AoFP now spawns at a random location near the monster that was killed.
  • The chance to summon an AoFP is now 100%.

The main consequence of these changes: Max AS has been reduced! However, given the enhanced proc, the Oculus Ring is still one of the best choices for Follower gearing. The Legacy Oculus Ring can still be used in addition with the 2.4.0 Oculus Ring. However, there will be no difference between proc’d AoFP.

Crowd Control changes:
Often seen as a nerf, CC is still relevant on Followers for control and Legendary Gems proc. This is even more the case if your Followers use different CC than yours. Besides, some CC items have been improved, such as Wyrdward or Pandemonium Loop.


Templar Stats
MF Max: 50%
GF Max: 365%
Block Chance Max: 63%
DPS Max: 500k+
Exp Max: 75%
+XP Max : 1,000
CHC Max: 34%
CHD Max: 150%
CDR Max: 82%
AS Max: 28%
Thorns Max: 64,500
Damage against Elites: 118%

Damage: Physical (Max: 80%)

GF Weapon: Sun Keeper or Devil Tongue
DPS Weapon: Doombringer

Postion: In front of you.

Templar Templates

Lightning Templar
Weapon: Odyn Son, Fulminator, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
Amulet: Dovu Energy Trap
Rings: Wyrdward, Justice Lantern
Shield: Defender of Westmarch

This template offers a great CC/DMG balance.

Full DPS Templar
Weapon: Doombringer with Socket + Ruby, 20% Physical Damage.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan 20% Physical DMG.
Rings: Stone of Jordan with 20% Physical DMG, Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band
Shield: Lidless Wall with 20% Physical DMG.

Scarecrow Templar
Weapon: Echoing Fury
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Pandemonium Loop, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny

Icecube Templar
Weapon: Rimeheart, Azurewrath
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Pandemonium Loop, Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band
Shield: Freeze of Deflection

Life support
Weapon: Solanium
Amulet: Rakoff’s Glass of Life with 10% CHC if your Templar actually kills. If not, any Amulet with AS and 10% CHC.
Rings: Rogar’s Huge Stone with 6% CHC (synergy with Loyalty Skill), Justice Lantern with 6% CHC.
Shield: Coven’s Criterion or any other shield with 10% CHC.

Solanium Templar
Weapon: Solanium ~7% AS.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan if corralling is needed.
Rakoff’s Glass of Life as long as your Templar actually kills and/or has a Shield with Bleed Chance.
Moonlight Ward for high mobility builds and if CHC can be rerolled for ~7% AS.
Rings: Broken Promises ~7% AS, Oculus Ring (or Unity with AS/DMG)
Shield: Any useful Shield with Bleed Chance, DMG vs. Elites.

Relic: Enchanting Favor with CHD/Block Chance.

Skills: Heal, Loyalty, Charge, Inspire

Thunderfury Templar
Weapon: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker with %DMG/AS/Socket/CHC.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan with DMG/AS/CHC.
Rings: Wyrdward with DMG/AS/CHC (or Unity with DMG/AS/CHC), Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band with DMG/AS/CHC.
Shield: Defender of Westmarch with CHC/Bleed Chance.

Relic: Enchanting Favor with CHD/Block Chance.

Skills: Heal, Loyalty, Charge, Inspire

Hack’n Thorns
Weapon: Hack with %DMG/AS/Socket + Topaz.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan with Thorns/AS/CHC.
Rings: Wyrdward if Weapon has Lightning Damage with DMG/AS/CHC
(or Oculus Ring with DMG/AS/CHC).
Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band with Thorns/AS/CHC.
Shield: Defender of Westmarch with CHC/Thorns.

Relic: Enchanting Favor with CHD/Block Chance.


Scoundrel Stats
MF Max: 50%
GF Max: 330%
DPS Max: 500k+
Exp Max: 75%
+XP Max: 800
CHC Max: 22% (23.8% with Anatomy Skill)
CHD Max: 150%
CDR Max: 74%
AS Max: 28%
Thorns Max: 54,500
Damage against Elites: 91%
Damage: Physical (Max: 40%) or Poison (Max: 40%), or Arcane (Max: 45%).

GF Weapon: The Ravens Wing
DPS Weapon : Buriza-Do Kyanon

Note that the Scoundrel is the only Follower who can’t combine a GF/Elite Bonus Weapon unless he uses a Diamond in The Raven’s Wing Bow.

Position: Where he wants.

Scoundrel Templates

Windforce Scoundrel
Weapon: Windforce
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Band of Hollow Whispers, Pandemonium Loop

Full DPS Scoundrel
Weapon: Buriza-Do Kyanon with Socket + Ruby.
Amulet: If you have acces to all Scoundrel Skills, go for Arcane Damage on Amulet and Stone of Jordan. If not, then go for Poison Damage.
Rings: Pandemonium Loop

Hellrack Scoundrel
Weapon: Hellrack
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Band of Hollow Whispers, Pandemonium Loop

Fear Rogue
Weapon: Any Bow with Chance to Fear.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Pandemonium Loop, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny

Lightning Scoundrel
Weapon: Any Lightning Bow, (reroll Elemental Damage into Lightning if needed). Or Uskang
Amulet: Dovu Energy Trap
Rings: Wyrdward

0-CHC Scoundrel
Weapon: Windforce with AS.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan with AS/0% CHC.
Rings: Broken Promises with AS/0% CHC, Oculus Ring with AS/0% CHC/85% Damage Increase.

Token: Skeleton Key with Max CHD

Benefit: 3% DMG Increase, 53% uptime.


Enchantress Stats
MF Max: 50%
GF Max: 325%
DPS Max: 500k+
Exp Max: 75%
+XP Max: 800
CHC Max: 24%
CHD Max: 150%
CDR Max: 74%
AS Max: 28% (31% with Focused Mind Skill)
Thorns Max: 54,500
Damage against Elites: 123%
Damage: Arcane (Max: 45%)

GF Weapon: Sun Keeper, Devil Tongue, or The Grand Vizier
DPS Weapon: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Postion: Behind you.

Enchantress Templates

Lightning Enchantress
Weapon: Odyn Son, Fulminator, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Schaefer’s Hammer
Amulet: Dovu Energy Trap
Rings: Wyrdward

Maximus Enchantress
Weapon: Maximus
Amulet: Moonlight Ward
Rings: Oculus Ring, Pandemonium Loop

Maximus Enchantress was great in vanilla. She has become even better in RoS.

Tormentress Enchantress
Weapon: The Tormentor
Amulet: Overwhelming Desire
Rings: Band of Hollow Whispers, Pandemonium Loop, Pandemonium Loop

Works even better with Enchantress CC Skills: Charm, Missile Ward, Disorient, Mass Control.

Furnace Enchantress
Weapon: The Furnace
Amulet: Halcyon’s Ascent or any Amulet with 7% AS.
Rings: Stone of Jordan with 7% AS, Band of Hollow Whispers, Pandemonium Loop with 7% AS or Unity with 7% AS.

The Furnace was changed in Patch 2.1.0 and now adds up to 50% vs. Elites. Still a good template, but not as OP as it was before.

AshTag’s Legacy Fumace Enchantres vs. Ghom in T6 video:

AshTag’s note:
(do not expect tremendous gameplay)

Ghom had 2,883,098,112 HP and was taken down in 4:50, which gives a 9,941,717 eDPS Enchantress :smile:. You can notice the first Furnace’s proc at 478,121,088 Damage.

SandWitch Enchantress
Weapon: The Sultan of Blinding Sand
Amulet: Moonlight Ward with Chance to Blind: Max 5.1% or any other Amulet with Chance to Blind or a regular Enchantress Amulet.
Rings: Oculus Ring, Band of Hollow Whispers, Pandemonium Loop or Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band

With Enchantress CC Skills: Charm, Missile Ward, Disorient, Mass Control, it is one of the best CC templates. Great synergy with Monks.

Fear Enchantress
Weapon: Echoing Fury, Maloth’s Focus
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Pandemonium Loop, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny

Blind Enchantress
Weapon: The Sultan of Blinding Sand with AS/Socket/Chance to Blind.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan with AS/Chance to Blind.
Rings: Hellfire Ring with AS, Pandemonium Loop with AS, Oculus Ring with AS, Wyrdward if Weapon has Lightning Damage. (Or Unity with AS/Damage).

Focus: Smoking Thurible

Skills: Forceful Push, Powered Armor, Erosion, Mass Control.

Solanium Enchantress
Weapon: Solanium with 7% AS.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan if corralling is needed or Rakoff’s Glass of Life
Rings: Broken Promises with 7% AS, Oculus Ring with 7% AS (or Unity with AS/DMG).

Focus: Smoking Thurible with 100% CHD.

Skills: Forceful Push, Powered Armor, Erosion, Focused Mind.

Corrupted Ashbringer Enchantress
Weapon: Corrupted Ashbringer with 7% AS.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan
Rings: Nagelring with 7% AS, Oculus Ring with 7% AS (or Band of Hollow Whispers with 7% AS).

Focus: Smoking Thurible with 100% CHD.

Eun-jang-do Enchantress
Weapon: Eun-jang-do with Lightning Damage1/CDR.
Amulet: The Ess of Johan with CDR.
Rings: Wyrdward with CDR, Oculus Ring with CDR (or Unity with CDR).

Focus: Smoking Thurible with 100% CHD.

Skills: Forceful Push, Missile Ward, Erosion, Mass Control.

1Eun_jang-do always comes with Cold Damage. It must be rerolled into Lightning to use the Wyrward combo.

Template explained in detail by TastySouP here: Follower Set-ups

Legendary Items List (with Followers proc)

If an item doesn’t show in the list below, it simply doesn’t work on Followers.

One-Handed Weapons

The Butcher’s Sickle
Sky Splitter
The Burning Axe of Sankis

Pig Sticker
Envious Blade

Odyn Son
Mad Monarch’s Scepter

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Two-Handed Weapons

Butcher’s Carver
Fire Brand
Cinder Switch

Arthef’s Spark of Life
The Furnace
Schaefer’s Hammer

Maloth’s Focus
The Tormentor

Corrupted Ashbringer


Demon Machine
Buriza-Do Kyanon
Pus Spitter

Wall of Bone
Defender of Westmarch
Freeze of Deflection
Wall of Man
Coven’s Criterion


Moonlight Ward
Talisman of Aranoch
Ancestors’ Grace
Countess Julia’s Cameo
Dovu Energy Trap
Rakoff’s Glass of Life
The Ess of Johan
Mara’s Kaleidoscope
The Star of Azkaranth
Xephirian Amulet
Overwhelming Desire

Rogar’s Huge Stone
Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band (Note that BK Ring has undergone some changes in 2.3.0. The wearer must hit or be hit in order to proc its Legendary Power).
Band of Hollow Whispers
Pandemonium Loop
Broken Promises
Oculus Ring
Hellfire Ring (D3 Jeweler Level 10)
Hellfire Ring (RoS Jeweler Level 12)

Follower Specials

Templar Relics
Enchanting Favor
Hillenbrand’s Training Sword
Relic of Akarat

Scoundrel Tokens
Skeleton Key
Slipka’s Letter Opener
Ribald Etchings

Enchantress Focuses
Smoking Thurible
Vadim’s Surge
Hand of the Prophet

Unity/Immortal Follower combo

The Unity Legendary Power is effective on Followers.

In combination with the Legendary “cannot die” Follower Specials, Unity greatly reduces the Damage your Character receives. One can maximize this by taking off all Vitality and %Life Properties on Follower gear and rerolling those for Mainstat, Damage mitigation or Utility. That way the immortal Follower’s HP are close to a naked Follower’s HP. The Damage taken is then even lower.

:question: (Not exactly sure what this next paragraph is saying).

Some players claim that this combo by itself is enough to play in T6 and hence is unintended. For some other players, it’s intended, to have to sacrifice a Ring in order to pull the combo out is fair enough. Update: devs have stated that the Unity combo is intended for Solo play.

Templar Unity
No Vitality, no %Life, and no Life Regeneration.

Weapon: The Burning Axe of Sankis
Amulet: Moonlight Ward
Rings: Unity, Justice Lantern
Shield: Any high Damage mitigation Shield such as Wall of Man, Coven’s Criterion, Stormshield.
Relic: Enchanting Favor

Scoundrel Unity
No Vitality, no %Life, and no Life Regeneration.

Weapon: Any Bow or Crossbow.
Amulet: Moonlight Ward
Rings: Unity, Litany of the Undaunted
Token: Skeleton Key

Dirty Fighting Skill instead of Vanish.

Enchantress Unity
No Vitality, no %Life, and no Life Regeneration.

Weapon: The Burning Axe of Sankis
Amulet: Moonlight Ward
Rings: Unity, Litany of the Undaunted
Focus: Smoking Thurible

Powered Armor and Crowd Control Skills

How do I gear my Followers?

Finding equipment
Finding gear for Followers may seem tricky in regard to the smart loot system. The brighter side is that smart loot is not systematic, so you do have a fair chance to find gear that is not for your Class. And other sources of gear would be in-game trading in multiplayer games. (Most of the time that would be donations instead of actual trading).

Crafting is a solution. Both the Blacksmith and Jeweler have interesting items. You will need at least a Level 1 Character in each Mainstat Class to fully use crafting. Note that the Barbarian is more effective to gear up the Templar since he can’t use Crusader Shields.

Gambling Blood Shards with Kadala is a great way to obtain Follower gear, yet it has a downside: You will need a Level 70 Character with the same Mainstat than the Follower you intend to gear up. Again, Barbarian and Wizard will be more effective than Crusadeŕs or Witch Doctors.

Last but not least, some of the Horadric Caches (Bounty Caches) drop specific Legendary items that are just great for Followers and fairly easy to obtain.

Followers CHD is now capped at 150%, and got a notice 50% CHD. That makes enchanting far more simple. Always look for near 100% CHD on Follower Specials. That way, CHD is not needed anymore. Amulets and second Rings are now CHD free, which leaves room for Damage Range or convenient reroll.

For Weapons, some of them already have a native 35% CHD making this Property even easier to handle. When a Weapon already has your Follower Mainstat, always look for a Socket. In some cases, the Property to reroll into a Socket will be very easy to choose.

Level 60 items are to be kept for Followers: From a CC perpective and for some special procs they are still usefull at Level 70 and cost way less to reroll (Amulets and Rings).
For the Enchantress, you will need to have a Level 1 Wizard in order to reroll something into Arcane Damage Bonus.

With Patch 2.3.0 and Kanai’s Cube introduction, Followers are quite easy to gear since you can target specific items by upgrading Level 70 Rare items to Legendary items. Follower Speicals can be obtained by the same process.

For the reason explained above, regarding the 150% CHD cap, the only Gem you will need for a Weapon Socket is Ruby. Diamond can be used for a specific +Elite Damage Bonus stacked Weapon for Boss fight (yes Malthael, I’m looking at you).

Mainstat Gems are a good way to add extra Damage. Amethysts are quite useless.

How to gear Followers to over 500k damage.

(Note that eDPS won’t be as efficient as a 300k +%Elemental + CDR Follower).

Ashera’s Vestment Set

A few things to know:

  • Followers appear for about 30 seconds and there’s a 30 second CD.
  • The way Followers will aim, engage, and place themselves will depend on your Character direction.
  • Gear Bonuses given by Followers such as MF, GF, XP, etc. do not stack.
  • Passive Skill buffs do stack.
  • Legacy Puzzle Ring won’t proc on summoned Followers. (It will proc for your main, hired Follower in Solo games).
  • Followers summoned by Asheara’s Vestments do not have their Attack Speed increased by Tasker and Theo. (Not sure if their Damage is increased by Mask of Jeram).
  • Unity won’t proc on summoned Followers (It will proc for your main, hired Follower in Solo games).

The Ashera’s Vestment Set Bonus is great since it allows a large variety of build synergy with your Character and among Followers. From a Damage perspective, they can provide over 1500k DPS, and even more eDPS. One can use a combination of Templates stated above or multiply specific features x3.

For example, here’s a great combination:

In Solo play, one would benefit from Unity + main Follower Damage mitigation, even if the main Follower for immortality token. If there’s no main Follower, the Ashera’s Vestment 4-piece Bonus will activate, but the Unity proc will not be applied on each Follower wearing immortality Token. So, on summoned Followers, immortality Token will negate the Unity effect. For mortal Followers, the Unity will work as intended. Note that summoned mortal Followers will not share Damage mitigation with the group in multiplayer.

Ashera’ Vestment & Followers optimization discussion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12471427371 404 Page Not Found

So… Which Follower should I choose?

It’s a common belief among D3 players that a Follower would be most suited for a specific Class. Not really a wrong thinking but it’s quite inaccurate.

There’s three ways to consider a Follower choice:

  1. Bonuses point of view: Depends on your build to compensate a lack of characteristic. Then your choice is: AS + Armor, CHC. Or extra Damage, Resource Regeneration and Heal. Or the Parangon farming need: MF/GF/XP.
  2. Skill point of view: Passive combination, CC in order to complete your gameplay.
  3. Field point of view: Enchantress for corridors and enclosed spaces. Scoundrel for opened areas. And Templar for Bosses/single target fights.

One must take into consideration that a specific Follower build will be effective at a given Game Difficulty and become useless at higher Difficulties. The same goes for Passive and proc synergy: A Follower build might be OP for a Barbarian and utterly useless for a Demon Hunter. The same goes, for instance, if you use an item like Strongarm Bracers. A Windforce Scoundrel or a Forceful Push Enchantress will be more effective than a standard Templar. Hence asking for shared Followers or account Followers is nonsense.

Edit: The Strongarm combo seems to have undergone some changes.

PMPosted by Grimiku 07/29/2014 06:11

PMPosted by Psychologic 07/25/2014 04:13
Edit: Just retested. Forceful Push does not proc the increased damage from Strongarm Bracers. Likewise, Windforce would only give the extra damage if used by the character wearing the Strongarms, so it doesn’t help you if the Scoundrel has that bow (other than for general crowd control).

I had to dig around to be sure, but you’re right. There was a change that prevented this from working any more, and I just never bothered to adjust my followers accordingly. Good catch, and thanks for letting me know. I’ll go back to my previous post and edit the info so that I’m not spreading bad information. Thanks again!

In my opinion, the best way to use Followers to your advantage is to use all 3 of them according to the situation (Cache farming, Rifts, Bosses, etc.)

Follower choice discussion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12427733187


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Under Construction


I have been able to remove previous formatting, that seems to be embedded in this text, from the old forums. I’m doing this one section at a time. While doing so, I’m trying my best to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I’m not familiar with some of the abbreviations used, so I’m leaving them as they are for the time being.

Eventually, I will make any acronyms used “abbreviated text”. Hopefully, that will help people that aren’t familiar with abbreviations understand the information. For example: If I type “DH UE MS is one of my favorite builds”, you should be able to mouse-over it for a full description. You can tell if it’s “abbreviate text” by the dotted underline. Try it:


Once I have all the text from the guide correct and pasted in the OP, I will begin trying to do some formatting. At this point I will also make this thread a Wiki. So, anybody more skilled than I am with HTML and/or knows more about game mechanics related to Followers will be able to join us in keeping this great guide alive and updated.

Thank you, @AshTag! Wherever you are. :beer:


Thank you Perusoe. I know it takes effort and time to port these guides over from the old forum system. I appreciate you doing so.

Great work! :dagger::crossed_swords::shield::bow_and_arrow:

Thanks! :beer:

So far, I’ve only “scratched the tip of the iceberg”. I have such a long way to go still.

As stated above, once I get the “foundation” laid, I’ll make this thread a Wiki. I’m going to need help with:

  • Deciding which items are no longer useful for Followers to equip. And if there are suitable replacements.
  • Getting the Table of Contents working.
  • Just general formatting.

Anyway, going to take a break from the forums and see if I can get some game time in.

C’ya later. :sunglasses:


I finally got all the text from AshTag’s original guide posted here. He plays played on the Europe Region. I don’t know which country or language, but his native language is obviously not English. Still, it’s amazing he put together such a massive guide. And to have done it in a second language is even more amazing.

Most issues I found in this guide were minor grammar and spelling errors. The kind that even English-speaking people are prone to make. (What are you looking at me for? :laughing:) I corrected those I found. I’m sure I missed some. :blush:

There was one paragraph in particular I had trouble with. I corrected part of it and then realized, I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. I left the rest of it alone and marked the paragraph with :question:s before and after it.

There are a few places I didn’t mark, where I wasn’t sure what he meant. Either because of the way he worded it, my lack of game mechanics, or both. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to preserve as much of the original document as I could. Specific quotes I had to manually create. I also used manual quotes for specific comments that AshTag made, as a kind of homage to him.

There is still much work to be done. But, the OP is now ready to be updated.

I am now making the thread a Wiki.

I think I’ll even edit the title from “D3:RoS Followers Guide” to “D3:RoS Followers Wiki”. :wink:


Before I forget, there is no information in this guide addressing Necromancers. So, help with that will be much appreciated. (I only play Demon Hunters these days. :blush:)


I attempted to make the ToC look pretty and add inter-page links. (like the Acronym Wiki) but I got the “Sorry, you can’t post links” :rage:

I don’t think TL2 will work.

Hi Perusoe: I thought I would answer here… instead of cluttering the acronyms wiki that Maskraider is doing.

Depends how you use your Templar, I suppose… I like mine to do crowd control, so I use the Icy-Veins build : https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/follower-skills-and-gearing-patch-2-6-1… it’s somewhat similar to the Thunderfury Templar you have here.

I use the Freeze of Deflection… instead of the Defender of Westmarch above. Having block chance on Templar Relic, the Justice Lantern and the Freeze of Deflection makes it relatively easy to get 60% block chance… so that Freeze of Deflection procs fairly often. See my templar here.

In your build above, it also makes a lot of good sense to use Block Chance since blocking will proc your Defender of Westmarch (the wolf that charges ahead).


Okay. Thanks, Boubou.

I’m guessing that much of the information in the OP needs changed/updated.

Understood. Thanks for clarifying. :beer:

Never studying game mechanics is my deficiency. I would make the updates myself, but I’d probably get it wrong. Hopefully, in time, others will help with editing this guide so it contains more current and accurate information.

(Hint, hint). :wink:

Thanks for transcribing this guide to the new forum. Have a few questions if you don’t mind. This is mostly with my LoD WoL GR pushing monk in mind.

  1. Do followers benefit from “Reduced duration of control impairing effects”, and if so, can I stack them? They’d be a good secondary on rings, and possible the only one of value since I think all others become redundant if running Enchanting Favor?

  2. I know there’s a 150% cap on Critical Hit Damage, but are the other values listed near the beginning of the guide actually caps as well, or just theoretical maximums? (yes, I realize not much difference!) :slight_smile:

  3. Is there a list somewhere of all possible affixes for a Relic? Specifically curious as to whether they can get:

  • Damage
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Damage to Elites
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Attack Speed
  • Sockets
    I think the answer is no in all cases, but I could be wrong. Then, how about available Secondary affixes?


I don’t mind. But, I’m not really the one to ask. I never was one to study game mechanics. So, there’s much that goes on “under the hood” that I don’t know.

I always thought that AshTag created an excellent guide on the Followers. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from them in a long time. I was afraid the information may get lost, so I moved it here.

I know it’s outdated and many links to other documents referred in the guide are broken. I made the thread a Wiki, so anyone with access can keep it updated. So far, no one has “stepped up to the plate”.

I’ll try to answer as best I can. If I get it wrong, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will correct me.

  1. I believe Followers would benefit from “Reduced Control Impairing Effects”. I believe they would benefit from more than one item having this Property. I don’t know if it would be additive or multiplicative though. However, with the “cannot die” Special, it would not be necessary.

  1. I believe all the caps listed in the guide for each Follower is correct, to the best of my knowledge. This could be tested. But, I don’t really have the energy to do it myself.

  1. I don’t know of a list of all possible Properties for a Follower Special. Most guides only post which Properties you should try to get. Not just on the Special, but all the Followers’ items. I believe they can have any Property you would find on any item. And of course, Follower Specials never come with Class-specific Properties. Follower Specials do not get Sockets. And, since most players give the Followers the “cannot die” Special, many defensive Properties are irrelevant.

If you would like to compile a list of Follower Special Properties, you might try looking at other player’s Profiles to see what Followers they’re using and what Properties are on their Followers’ Specials.

Looking at my Characters on the Americas Region, my Followers Specials have the following Properties:


  • Mainstat
  • Vitality
  • Resist All
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Life per Hit
  • Chance to Block (Templar)


  • Monster kills grant experience.
  • Single Element Resist.
  • Life after Kill
  • Your Follower cannot die.

You might also want to look at the guide on Icy Veins. It’s a bit outdated too. But, it might cover some extra information.

My Templar here is pretty much spot on so far as stats go:


The gems are for looks, there is no need for main stat on a follower unless you want to see how high he might be able to kill an RG by himself. Other than that his damage output is pretty much Zero no matter what you do.

Yes, cc reduction does stack, but I do not know if there is a cap.

Here is a nice recently updated follower guide. It is written with the DH in mind, but the mechanics are mechanics, no matter the class played.


Supplement to others’ replies…

(1) If follower benefits from “Reduced duration of control impairing effects” affix, the stack follows other “Reduced by X%” formula:
Total reduction = 1 - PRODUCT(1-Xi)
i.e. total = 1 - (1-X1) * (1-X2) * (1-X3) …

(3) Rather than telling you answer, I tell you how to find the answer.
Bring a relic to Mystic and open the Enchant window. Place the relic into the slot. Click the “?” button and you’ll see all possible affix.

Follower Specials are the exception. You don’t get the same choices you get on all other game items, such as Weapons, Amulets and Rings.

For example, in the image below, the Mystic would only let me enchant Vitality for new stats or change it to Critical Hit Damage on a Smoking Thurible. It was the same for all the other Primary Properties.

For the Secondary Property Myriam would only let me enchant the same Property for new stats:

And yet, I know that there are other Properties available to Follower Specials. You can see in this image of another Smoking Thurible I have stashed that “Monster kills grant experience” is not the only Secondary Property available to the Smoking Thurible or other Follower Specials.

I just checked templar’s relic. Didn’t notice that other follower’s specials are different. :sweat_smile:

Guide is in need of improvement. Needs to explain why each build is useful.

Agreed. This thread is a Wiki. Be my guest.

Table of contents could be made clickable too. :wink:

I’m not the one who put the builds together, couldn’t tell you the first thing about them.

I only use Kormac out of habit.

Reminder, Gem of Ease does not work on followers, like all other legendary gems.
Gem of Ease works on the weapon either you make it level one by equipping it in the socket or by reforging the item with gem of ease in kanais cube to be lvl 1, or you can make any other item lvl 1 with kanais cube.
That does not mean gem of ease is working on the follower.
If it would work you would get 1/5th of the experience on kill, but you do not. I also tested it just for the sake of it again, and it clearly doesn’t have any hidden buffs.