D3 locking entire PC

I recently came back to D3 in anticipation of D4. I used to play on a Surface Pro 4 with settings set to low so I was looking forward to playing with full graphics on my new gaming rig. It worked great for a few days but then I was prompted by NVidia to update drivers and since then, I have been getting intermittent crashes that completely lock up my PC and requires a reboot to get anywhere.

Unable to CTRL ALT DELETE or even move the mouse. Auto is stuck on the last blip of output playing incessantly.

Since this started, I have made sure that Windows is up to date, NVidia is up to date, and the game is up to date. Even did a scan/repair on the game files which turned up no results. I was unable to find anything note worthy in event logs but I am not the most literate at reading the event viewer.

I have attached my DXdiag in the following pastbin to try to streamline troubleshooting. Please assist!


It would appear you are using Corsair’s iCue software. There are a plethora of reports from users all over the place where their games are crashing and sometimes even the computer shuts down due to whatever conflict the iCue software is causing.

I would suggest removing iCue and trying the game again. You may need something else in place of iCue for your mouse and/or keyboard, but removing iCue for the time being should allow you to play.

Trust me, you are not alone in having this problem.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I have other software handling fan control and HW monitoring so I have just appended the display adapter file with .old.

Will update if that fixes the issue!

If you also have the iCue Nexus device plugged in, you should unplug that as it is tied to the iCue suite itself. Simply renaming the file won’t necessarily stop it from loading on its own, and could cause further problems with iCue.

I know you have a lot of Corsair devices. Your system looks almost like it’s a full blown Corsair built PC. With that in mind, I’m sure you are also controlling its RGB elements via iCue, but for now, the safest thing to do is to remove iCue entirely to prevent the crashes. As long as you have something else for monitoring and fan control, you should be good.

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As you predicted, the issue still occured with just the file name changed.

I proceeded to test with iCUE process ended as well as uninstalled and both cases still had the issue occur.

Only other issue that may be causing this would be that my processor temperature does reach 70C but ive pushed it past 70C before without any crashes so not sure what would be causing this case

There is a possibility that Blizzard accidentally put a corrupt or broken FMOD.dll (and FMOD64.dll) into the game install with the latest patch. There are numerous players experiencing crashing with the FMOD system. As a last resort you could try removing the problematic FMOD file and trying the workaround found here and then following up with creating a shortcut for Diablo 3 that will let you launch the game without the Battle.net app replacing the modified FMOD file with the broken one.

Edit: I would keep iCue uninstalled until Corsair fixes it though. It’s obviously a part of your problem as it was identified as a prime component in your dxdiag report. Keeping it out of the equation as a rogue variable is strongly recommended.

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