D3 does wonders for insomnia + stress

Been having trouble sleeping, so I fired up D3 for a bit. However, no music or sound whatsoever. The only thing you can hear is your own farts.

The key is to NOT focus on a specific goal like getting all ancients or completing a set or a build. Just pure 100% mindless demon-slaying mayhem just because you can. Zone completely out and just start grinding for as long as you want.

Playing it that way allowed my train of thought to slow down and even figure some things out. I was much calmer by the end.

By the time I was done I had about 4.5k death breaths and almost 1000 souls. And it didn’t even take that long. Just aimless T16 farming.


I am really glad you find that turning off sound, and maybe turning down lighting and doing routine runs helps!

I find the same thing. I used to have a physical puzzle that I did every single night as a pre-teen. Then later I was a runner and those miles of repetitive activity let my brain wander, sort things out, and settle.

Pretty sure that as an adult, years later, that is part of what I liked about D2. I could just go mow down mobs and burn off steam. Solo play, my way, my route.

I still play D3 for that reason today. I do enjoy setting my own goals and meeting them, getting awesome drops. However, the relaxation I get from mowing down mobs in a routine way is good. Very good.

I don’t mean that the game is sub par because this is a way to play. I really do mean that the repetitive nature of the game can be cathartic for some people and help reduce stress.

Of course, others can play Season HC pushing Season firsts and make it as stressful as they want :slight_smile: Good options all around.


That’s why so many want solo mode in D4 not spoiling their gameplay experience. Blending with the game and getting in that universe reduces stress for sure.

Until of course...

Someone starts D1: “Ah…Fresh meat!”

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I think D4 is still going to serve that purpose. I can get the same gameplay in WoW even, for now. If I got back and do old content for achievements, pets, rep, etc. I can just set a routine and farm for whatever and zone out in a repetitive routine.

I think new D4 is going to have the ability to play totally solo, and even the “group” content does not require you to talk to anyone or join a group. Just go up and hit the mob everyone else is hitting - IF you even want to be there. Else you can go do your own thing.

It is not actually bad. What scares me, is that one thing I like in Diablo games is the ability to feel like an overpowered god - mowing things down. MMOs try to make you use strats, friends, etc. Scared the WoW level squish is going to take away my running of solo content as a mini god. If D4 does that too…I will have major issues. I need to solo mow down things.

I did solo MF runs on my Ice sorc for years in D2. It was an every night routine to just burn off anger and let my mind reset.

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I too expect SSF to appear at some point in D4 - there are many fans of it in these games. And they said D4 is not an MMO, so it would make sense to have pure solo mode.

Relieving stress, yes, but personally I find that facing light of any kind is detrimental for my sleep. I prefer to have dark environment before I sleep, my room is in total darkness barring a light from the AC.

I do that with dark souls. D3 is a bit too shiny for me to be able to relax while playing it, but farming souls, humanities or refinement materials in Dark Souls’s more melancholic and slow-paced world has an almost hipnotic effect on me.

Of course, that doesn’t work if I’m trying to actually progress in the game, just farming stuff I can do repeated runs without dying and without thinking too much

I’m with Cheetah. I have played diablo for many moons, each have helped my high anxiety and insomnia. Even now, especially when the masses are just making the spread of virus worse.
Although, I used many charas for mfing in d2 and usually played the hammer paladin the most.
If they do turn d4 into having to time 20 different skills and rely on others to kill a boss taking an hour for one, I’ll pass.

Heh. For the longest time, D3 was actually a tool I used to put me to sleep. Back in vanilla D3, good natural drops were so unbelievably rare that I’d fire up the game, go kill some stuff, and about 30 minutes later, end up with key caps embedded into my forehead. I’d actually fall asleep during combat. All because I knew nothing was going to drop.

D3 still works like that for me. For longer sessions, I usually have to pop a 5 hour energy to stay awake since D3 is unfortunately quite monotonous due to its extremely narrow path to upgrades. But I can easily see that monotony being cathartic for others. Routines and patterns can be a huge stress reliever for many, like MissCheetah, and even myself sometimes.

And on that note I must now find something to help my mind settle down after learning Taco Bell is killing off nachos supreme (despite it using the exact same ingredients as the nachos bell grande) and removing the quesarito from the menuboards, though I can still at least order the quesarito (it’s basically a “secret menu” item now).


I have always found this series very good for my mental health. It’s hypnotic, yet you have to be attentive in case a nasty elite with the wrong suffixes spawns. It cultivates a relaxed yet present state of mind.

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Hooray, it’s not just me.

I suffer from insomnia, sand have found that D3 (any ARPG really) works better than any meds or meditation techniques.

Something about the mindless grinding works, that’s for sure.

Now, this I can relate to. :rofl:

To be honest HC is not necessarily that stressful, the only times I feel stressed a bit is while leveling and when I do my char’s max potential GR push.

Besides that its chill, I put on some music and play like I did in SC. :slightly_smiling_face:

This Season tho I can’t do this due to the theme killing me if I don’t watch everything all the time so I just ditched the Season completely.

Other than that I also find these grind/looter games relaxing in a way, I often found myself playing such games after going trough ‘bad’ times in my life.
Just to off my mind and not deal with anything even if only for a few hours.


Tart cherry juice extract capsules,drink no water before bed and white noise machine but problem is every little noise without the white noise machine wakes me up.

Your issue is very common. When I play some games intensively, my brains just continues to run even when I was on the bed. Those game include, Civ 5/6, overwatch, etc.

Try WW-rend barb. Insomnia killer. Open spotify, turn off the in-game sound, do some casual runs.

I heard a lot of player agreed with this.

It actually does. I am a first responder and I deal with real life carnage, crashes and of course death. Sometimes extremely gruesome.

Life is real hardcore mode. The game does allow me to unwind and burn off some stress. Funny how I turn to a game filled with carnage lol. Well it works…


I agree that it helps for anxiety and I would add depression as well in some cases.

It happened to me again on Sunday. Felt slightly bad on Saturday and woke up on Sunday just knowing that it was one of those days that my faulty brain chemistry was going to make me feel horrilbe and demotivated for life’s tiny responsibilities the entire day. I needed something that requires no challenge and can keep my thoughts busy cause don’t want to think and definitely don’t want to think about feeling horrible. Mind numbing distraction in other words.

I started playing at about 10:30 and kept going for 9 hours, got food and played again until about 23:00. Thousands of hours played and I just sat and did entirely non challenging speed runs for around 11 hours and never got bored and for the most part didn’t think about feeling horrible other than between rifts. The way you can both switch off and keep your thoughts engaged on something other than life works wonders.

It wasn’t even about getting better gear, upgrading gems or getting more XP. I didn’t care about any progression at all I just needed something that requires no effort and that back of your mind idea of tomorrow you will see the nice new gear and assign all that paragon and use those leveled up gems. Tomorrow when you care about life.

My back lawn needs cutting. I’ll even make you a cup of tea after you’ve mown it.