D3 combat is better than D4's

You speak like I am some new kid on the block with Blizzard games. I’ve been playing these games since D1. It is safe to say D4 is a dumpster fire at best. They might as well scrap the project and start over.

And you speak like I haven’t heard the same thing from Diablo 2 fans speaking about Diablo 3, years ago.

It is bad when the D3 beta video someone else posted in this thread looks more entertaining and better overall than D4.

I’m not one of those “D2 is king” people - I know it was good for its time, but I have absolutely no interest in revisiting it.

I was hoping D4 would be super awesome and dispel my beliefs about the direction of Blizzard. Sadly, this beta is just proving how awful this company has become.

And they FAILED according to the general consensus…whether you like it or not.

That’s what happens when you try to cater to fossils whose opinions are as irrelevant & antiquated as the game they like.

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D3 pushed the action element of the series further and you loved it more than story-telling. That’s natural. They wanted to revisit story telling for good with abit more polished combat flow.

I haven’t played the D4 beta like you so my words wouldn’t have any weight. But, as far as I know; D3 was a weave of commitment and reactive decisions in combat, while D2 was all about adapting your stance or skill on the fly. What I see is, that they just went ahead and tried to melt both of these aspects in a pot.
That’s what I got a glimpse from the videos and reading official blogs. You may think they already failed but this is promising some potential for me. This is like seeing them at a crossway and anticipating their next move.

D3 and D2 didn’t get to be this good or legendary in a night. Their foundation was solid, but they both were imbalanced and under the influence of a huge market at the first place. Only after some patches, an expansion pack and years of feedback, these have become solid names in the industry after the legacy of first Diablo.
All first three installments of Diablo got decades of support from Blizzard, and it’s unfair that you compare them with a fresh release. I’m sure Blizzard just wanna sell you more content with D4 after they shape it up by received feedback. If you are quitting now, you’re also allowing them to repeat their alleged mistakes with this new title as well.

Can’t wait for the metacritic score of Diablo 4, I guess? :popcorn:

Hey, all I said was I like skill trees. I certainly wasn’t expecting something more complex than what D2 did. Other than that I’m not sure what D4 is borrowing from D2? There’s people saying D4 feels like D:I w/o RMT.

I wonder, if D4 fails to match D3’s return on investment, will D2 be the scapegoat all over again? And I suppose a rehash of D3 would fare better? Doubtful, not that I think that’d do much worse…But it may be time to consider, that Diablo’s customer base is pretty well set, whether future installments are mediocre or excellent. At least it’s safe to say, that word-of-mouth over a game’s outstanding quality (or lack thereof), is not the major factor it once was.

Got no problem with skill trees. I got a big problem with the skills themselves. There is NOTHING new, creative or innovative to try in D4 skill-wise.

Take a look at the available skills for each D2-copy-pasted D4 class & get back to me…

Except for the town hub and shared overworld zone, I guess?

  • DI legendary power works like D3.
  • DI doesn’t have skill tree.
  • DI is more colorful.
  • DI overworld is smaller but crowded with monsters.
  • DI combat pacing feels faster.

I’ll take a look when I can get my hands on a complete game. I like surprises. But you’re saying the surprises are few? Bah.

Not gonna say having 5 returning classes isn’t a letdown. I will say that Barb gets a full pass in my book, to return again and again. I take it that Rogue borrows their whole repetoire from Amazon+Assassin?

Do you expect them to come up with a full brand new set of skills for each class between now and June?

I don’t. Because Blizzard gets fatter and lazier with each passing year. They’ve been stuck on the same skill selection for like 2 years now. One copy/pasted class I can handle. ALL FIVE - I refuse to support.

So, get googling.

Plenty of iconic spells exist in both D2 and D3. I would say their absence would be worse than their inclusion.

Anything below 80% identical between games would be fine with me. The rogue rapid attack thing reminds me of paladin zeal. Are all the skills beyond lvl 25 available to examine in the beta client? Or elsewhere?

I will not. I don’t even know if the level cap is still 100 these days, I’m rather enjoying my blissful ignorance. But for what it’s worth I won’t make a blind purchase with this one, I’ll let the smoke settle first and see what some streamers have to say.


So basically we have a guy who really likes D3 and even Diablo Immortal. You lost 99% of your credibility instantly in my eyes. I don’t have any respect for people who play D:I. It combines crap D3 design with even more crappy mobile, P2W monetization.

This is a video made by me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrRJVXQknnY . If you still come back and tell me the D3 Beta videos looks better than the video above, then oh well … glasses are you friend, “dude” …

the only thing i realy miss in act one is the damage mitigation but thats something you dont have in d3 at lvl 25 neather.