D3 BNet stuck at ''Playing Now''

Hey all, I’m here cause I’ve emailed Blizzard support twice and provided both MSINFO and DXDIAG files. they just refer me here. I read a post here and someone refers him to D3 support. This is like an infinite loop? :slight_smile: . Tried full reinstall of Bnet and D3, erasing all D3 files, tried to repair game, everything. About 2 or 3 months ago this started. CLick on Play D3 and I get stuck at ‘’ Playing Now’'. Nothing happens…
I have a late generation Dell mobile workstation with an RTX A2000 wich is not great for gaming but has worked for D3. Latest drivers and all. A friend of mine who has an MSI laptop with an RTX3060 has the exact same issue and it started at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A lot of the workstation CPUs and GPUs don’t fall within the system requirements, so we would need a lot more info than this to help you out.

Share the DxDiag on Pastebin and provide a link to it.