D3 accessibility suggestions

I’m totally blind and play d3. I have some suggestions that may make the game easier. Firstly, can we get sounds for interactibles/items on the ground? I can mostly find items just following the gold drop, but it would be nice to know for sure I wasn’t missing anything that had dropped. This would also help with stuff like doors or other objects I needed to interact with to continue along on a map. It would also be nice to be able to navigate skills/inventory with the D-pad. It takes me way too long in that weird grid thing we have going on now. Finally, can we get a beacon or something that makes a constant sound to go to next parts of an area? My most difficult struggles in a rift aren’t defeating enemies, it’s taking 5 minutes to find the next set in a map because I couldn’t find a turn. That’s pretty devastating when you’re trying to finish a map in 15 minutes. I totally a hundred percent expect this to be ignored by Blizzard, but hey at least I tried!

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