D2r.guide cheat sheet

Hey all: I just launched a cheat sheet site for area wayfinding, breakpoints, runes, and the Cube. It works on your phones and tablets too!


I hope it’s useful for everyone. Please let me know what you think and if I should add anything else! :heart:

(Also sorry, I can’t post full links let, my forum account is only Member rank)


Nice! Here is another cheat sheet with some ideas that you can add! :slight_smile:


i was skeptical of how useful this was gonna be, but its actually pretty legit and might be a replacement for arreat summit. Well done.

Inb4 makes u drop items in game :wink:

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Thank you for this cheat sheet. :100: :+1:

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This is pretty solid! Nice! It’s been a long time since I’ve played D2, so this will come in handy, thanks!

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Not bad, the uniq item links dont work at the bottom for diablo wiki. But thanks I pinned it for some common information.

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This one is very clean, the icons help a lot to quickly locate what you’re looking for.

One improvement would be to let users hide characters they don’t want to see on the FHR/FCR/FBR charts

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Nice! Thank you for those sheets :heart_eyes:

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That’s quality. Thank you.

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great site, thanks for it, will suggest it for my friends who play! :smiley:

Thank you for taking the effort to do this, wish it was also maybe a downloadable program like (path of building (from path of exile)) and we could have it have a build section to help set up your build to tell you when to pick what spells at what level and stuff!))

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Which in particular? I just tested and they’re good. Are you on a phone by chance?

looks good, the amulet in the crafting section should say clvl 93+ though, since the other target affix levels are based on gambling too. 92(clvl rounded down)/2 + 88(lowest gambled ilvl)/2 = ilvl 90 (the ammy we want)

demonhide boots are also best at lvl 73, if the highest affix you want is the mana one(affix lvl 52), 88 introduces the trash replenish life stat (affix level 70). 4 affixes not guarenteed though at clvl 73.

i guess thats another point, its not clvl 71+ that determines 4 affixes, its crafted ilvl at 71+ that guarantees it

— side note for anyone wondering why the boot formula doesnt match with the ammy formula is because: ammy has a qlvl of 1 so the qlvl calculations are skipped (because it simplifies to [alvl=ilvl]) and we go straight to clvl/2 + ilvl/2= craft ilvl.
with boots we consider the qlvl (demonhide is 36), and find the appropriate forumla (if alvl <= 98-qlvl ----- then ilvl = alvl + qlvl/2) to get our new target for the crafted items ilvl. since the affix i want is alvl 52, the target ilvl is 70.
52+18(half of qlvl)=70.
we then move to step 2 and see that 72(clvl rounded down)/2 + 68(lowest gamble ilvl)/2= 70 (the boots were after).

sorry about such a long post, but i wish id had someone break it down like this for me before.

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didnt expect it to be that in depth


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I clicked on them on computer. It said that the info is not here. But I’ll try again soon.

Just tried again said site experiencing technical difficulty, then I went to there site, it loaded on Diablo 2 wiki, the. I went back to your page and everything was loading for uniques. So not exactly sure, may have been their websites fault.