D2R pre purchase items (xbox)

So I just bought the D2R “prime evil upgrade” and installed both add ons but neither are showing up in game. I know they are out (or least the pet/wings) because I just saw someone playing that had the Mephisto pet. Anyone know how to retrieve them? I’ve installed and reinstalled the add ons twice now.

Same here, got it for ps4 and no wings/pet. PC have them already (I.e. Bluddshed showed them)

Blizzard can add these items easily on PC as they can control the servers and patches but new cosmetics require a patch to be deployed and approved by Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo for Console D3.

Suggests that has not been done yet? Or if the items were in patch 2.7.0 they haven’t activated them in terms of how to determine we have purchased the D2:R pre-order.

Raise a Blizzard ticket but again Blizzards communication is horrendous for us Console players.

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Did anyone get progress on this? Should they just automatically be in the inventory or is there something else that has to be done typically with these things?

Just a heads up you guys all bought d2R package that comes with Diablo 3 and add one for d3 NOT D2R

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