D2R PlayStation - First Day

What are your plans for day one? I’m a bit bummed about the lobbies & chat, but decided to play on console with having recently purchased a PS5.

Any beginner classes you’re most excited about?

Not sure how many of you folks will be on PlayStation console - it would be great to get a group going in anticipation for launch!

4pm UK time I’ll stop work and play for 7 hours as the sorceress solo…just submerse myself in the game for a bit.

They are making it more easier to join games of different types so lobbies is not a big deal for me.

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How is it easier to join games, homerjnick?
I’m just curious, cause I didn’t get to play the beta.

Take a read:

Hey Homer, can ya check my post about me asking about the sorc build i was going to follow and see if its any good?