D2R Early Plans

Hey all. I want to start by saying it sucks that I can’t post this in D2R, even though I own a copy of D2R on PS4. But this is about a thread there that asks about players’ early plans. It seems like a lot of people are going Sorceress or Paladin. I’m planning on going Assassin myself. I always liked the versatility - clearing screens with traps and ubers with kicks. So that’s my plan.

Someone on that thread mentioned farming Normal Countess for Leaf and was called out for being “inefficient” but farming Normal Countess was one of the fastest speedrunning strats for world first players! Of course, they got through areas quickly and so would only run Countess until level 13 or so. And some players are level 13 before they even get to the Countess. So, for that I’d say it depends on when you farm and for how long you farm. Personally, I am also going to try to get the runes for Leaf, but if I don’t have them by level 12-13, I plan on moving on.

I also plan on looking for Stealth runes. I’m going to be a Fire Trapper through Normal, a Light Trapper through Nightmare, and switch to a Hybrid Kick/Light Trapper sometime in Hell.

My gear goals are:
Shako (Ist)
Stormshield (Um)
Gore Riders (Upped)
Dwarf Star
CTA + Spirit Monarch on switch


I mostly play SSF with only occasional play with my partner, so I realize it will take me longer to gear, but I don’t mind :slight_smile:

Super psyched to play!

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Welcome. Hope it’s fun over in d2r land.

You pre-ordered it but no-one owns it yet.

Fun fact you do not own digital games, you have a license to play it, which can be revoked at any time.

But yeah would nice to discuss D2R on Console in like the D2R forums eh?

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My D2r goal is to look up everything you mentioned to see if its worthwhile getting and where to get since I never played diablo 2… hah

I did make a “Leaf” and a “Steath” at the end of the beta (also brought a bunch of gambling stuff at the vendor since the beta was ending)… I took a screenshot of the leaf and stealth to share and my one friend said those were crap rolls… I thought all leaf and stealths were the same but than again, I never played d2 before the closed beta. The good news is you can vendor those leaf and steaths for a big chunk of gold, i think the vendor offered 30k each

The rune effects on Leaf and Stealth are all the same, but the base items can be different. Like a normal staff can have a bonus to specific skills. Not a big deal for a fire assassin because you can’t get +traps, but you CAN get +fireball, which a fire sorceress would care about. Likewise, the armor for Stealth varies. Ideally, you would want to rune up the superior version of the armor, but it REALLY doesn’t matter, because it’s leveling gear and a small bonus to defense is insignificant. I personally like Studded Leather for Stealth because it’s a light armor with a low strength requirement. It can also be obtained early enough for you to have it when you acquire the runes for Stealth, whereas many armors don’t come until later, which defeats the purpose of using Stealth for leveling.

So I assume that’s what they meant by “bad rolls” but idk.

makes sense, and im sure thats why they said bad rolls… one of them was playing a blizzard sorc and said unless i can get ice on the leaf, its useless for a sorc… (well at least his)

my plan not buying it lol… but i guess i can play classic but it a old piece of sh** game from 20 years…with no major update in more then 15years…so nothing change and console is terrible if you have 60$ go buy something usefull a handjob or something

Thats why i always prefer physical discs over digital.