Current Equipment in Inventory

So we’ve probably all experienced it, I apologize for not bowing down to the internet’s sworn rule of “look it up before reporting” on the grounds that I have both a workaround and a replication.
You look in your inventory and at the top of each category of equipment you can see your currently equipped item, for given category, in the top, underneath it states “equipped”.

Problems with this bug include, but are not limited to:
The ability to drop, junk your equipment right off of your body.
(Game breaking)
We all spam the drop button sometimes and sometimes the list ordering gets mixed as well.
EDIT: What this bug also causes is the removable of unidentified legendaries from the inventory list. THEY’RE STILL THERE! You just can’t see them anymore. (Reason being is that you’re looking at a list for socketing gems, and unidentified legendaries aren’t available for socketing) [/Edit]
From here it’s really up to your imagination. Moving on.

The only cause that I’ve been able to replicate is as follows:
Have an empty socket item.
Open gems in inventory.
Socket any number of gems into item.
Exit menu via the INVENTORY key INSTEAD OF the back key.
The item in question does not need to be equipped for this bug.
The list seems to remain this way permanently unless…

There are two ways to handle this situation as far as I’ve gathered.
Scenario 1 You’ve already glitched out and your OCD has had enough.

  1. Quit to menu
  2. Continue game

Scenario 2 Preventing it from ever happening. Here are your options.

  1. Using Covetous Shen seems to not allow this bug
  2. Using the BACK button (Xbox B or PS O) instead of the inventory button

To the Devs
To fix this problem all you need to do is add the same function that is resetting the viewable list of the inventory to the state that doesn’t include the currently equipped item(s). (Found in the BACK key function, somewhere haha) and just add it to the inventory key function.
EDIT: Come to think of it, you could just steal the function that sets up the list view straight from the game initialization to make sure it’s fresh. [/Edit]
Alternatively you could probably find the correct menu closing function in Covetous Shens functions. Or at least clues. (I know you guys have like tens of thousands of lines of code to dig through, but these are the three places I KNOW it works properly. God bless, please fix this.)

Justifcations for making this post regardless of any previous communications on the subject:
We can’t be arsed to press the BACK key 3 or 4 times in a row when the inventory key should function consistently across all menus.
Many of us have lost cherished items to this bug.
It should be a rather simple fix, assuming the devs know exactly where I’m talking about. If I had access to the code I would go fix it right now, but THAT’S not happening any time soon.
It’s been broken for such a very long time. I saw a thread from 2013 reporting this bug. I can’t access it from google results, but I know it’s there.
And last, but not least, PLEASE, I’m begging you. I know Diablo IV is just around the corner, but throw us a bone. Put it into PR expenses or something, I don’t know. :sweat_smile:

Finally, thank you to whoever read through my overly technical rant.
Here’s to praying for a solution.

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Hi KingMachine !

One of our Senior Software Engineers on the team wanted to address this report, but unfortunately they don’t have access to a blue account. I wanted to post their comment below for you.

Thank you for the excellent bug report. Thanks to the details you provided, we were able to quickly track down the issue.

We do have a fix for this issue, and it should be available in a future patch.

Until the fix is available, if you encounter this situation again, there is a simpler solution aside from quitting back to the main menu.

If you find yourself in this situation, go back to the gem socketing screen. Get to the point where you are about to socket a gem into a piece of equipment (as seen in the included screenshot). From there, simply back out using the BACK button. This should get your inventory UI back into the correct state.

Note: you don’t have to actually put a gem into a socket for this to work.


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    Sr. Software Engineer