Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info

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Starting a new class can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several guides specifically created for new Crusaders. Take a look at these, and you’ll be pushing into higher Torments and mastering your set dungeons in no time. Welcome to the crusade!


► Diablo 3 Difficulty Overview by Bagstone

Acronyms: The Definitive List plus Definitions

Road to Torment: A Diablo 3 Guide for New Players by Destoryar

Beginner’s Gearing Guide by Rhykker

4 Simple Options All Players Should Know About by Rhykker

From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide by Rhykker

How to Farm ____! (Fill in the blank) by Storytime42

RoS Followers (Level 70) Complete Guide by AshTag / Perusoe


2.6.1 Best Crusader Builds by Angry Roleplayer

Crusader Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide by Deadset

DeadSet’s Guide Collection on Icy Veins


Crusader Set Dungeon Video Guides by Quin69

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-Are there any Hardcore builds or guides, or do you plan on doing some separately in the Hardcore forum?


The Crusader has a wide variety of fun, viable builds to fit many different playstyles. With the right combination of skills and gear, you can turn your Crusader into a powerful ranged attacker, an unstoppable melee tank, or a phalanx-summoning lord commander. New players should turn on elective mode in the options menu to freely assign any skill to any hotkey.

Are you looking for popular Crusader builds in 2.6.7? Aegis of Valor, the Crusader’s newest six-piece set, is currently one of the strongest in the game. Akkhan Condemn, Roland Sweep Attack, Seeker Blessed Hammer, LoN Blessed Shield, LoN Bombardment, LoN Condemn, and Invoker Thorns are all great options too. Heaven’s Fury Crusaders can also act as Rift Guardian killers in group play.

Hammerdin In-Depth Guide by Glimwick

Holy Hammerdin by Angry Roleplayer

Superhuman / Thrill Conquest Blessed Hammer by crayonsmind

Akkhan Blessed Shield by Angry Roleplayer

LoN Blessed Shield (Holy and Fire variants) by Ravashak

LoD Blessed Shield by BagboyBrown

Akkhan Condemn by Angry Roleplayer

Akkhan / Sage Condemn DB Farming by DarthKitty1

Crack Sader - Super Speed T13 No Pony by ThaPChild

Legacy of Nightmares Condemn (Fire) by Dilligaf

Legacy of Nightmares Condemn (Holy) by hiragi

Fear Condemn Speed Build by Graveheart

Triple Bane Condemn Build by Harnor

Akkhan Condemn Quick Reference and Gameplay Footage by superturn


Fist of the Heavens by Angry Roleplayer

Aegis of Valor / Norvald’s Fist of the Heavens by dmkt

Aegis of Valor Blessed Ground by Mayroks87GR

Aegis of Valor Fires of Heaven by Bluddshed

Akkhan Holy Machinegun by Angry Roleplayer

Holy Shotgun by lao113

Lazy Shotgun by AdamADisco

Sader Rift Guardian Killer by Achilles 1743

Godly Gatling Gun by Ravashak

Horse Phalanx Akkhan by Zalarill

Phalanx Commander (Petsader) by JAB1012

Phalanx Bowmen by Drahque

T13 Crusader Death Glare by DarthKitty1

Shield Bash Builds GR 80+ (Unity & Block Versions) by Angry Roleplayer

2.3 Hybrid Roland’s Fire Sweep Attack / Shield Bash by ppuno

Roland Sweep Attack for GR 100+ (Fire / Lightning variants) by Kikaha

Roland Sweep Attack Lightning by Deadset

H-Bomb by Harnor

Invoker Punish by Drahque

Ultimate LoN Bombardment Guide by CALLMEOCT

Melee Bomber by Angry Roleplayer

5pc Akkhan / 2pc Invoker by Roph

Speed T10 / Death’s Breath Farming by Drahque

Thorns ‘The Thrill’ Conquest by nitrosnwbdr

Guardian of the Trove by DarkOmicron

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You can find Nevalistis’s e-mail here: Problem with links in posts


In Diablo 3, a character’s power is highly dependent on the items he or she equips. Items can boost your Crusader’s stats, provide useful effects, and even alter the way skills work. Read these articles to discover the variety of items available to you, including crafted gear, bounty-exclusive loot, legendary gems, and cosmetics.

Legendary Drop Rates & Blood Shard Prices for 2.6.1

Bounty-Exclusive Legendary Items from DiabloHub

D3 Max Stats. A useful tool for looking up the possible affix rolls on any item.

Kanai’s Cube Mechanics from the Game Guide

Kanai’s Cube Hands-On Tutorial by Flux

Quick Reference for Gem Crafting Costs

Legendary Gem Calculator by jerbookins

List of all Wings, Cosmetics, Pets, and Promos by MissCheetah

The Ultimate 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 Cosmetic Items Guide by Quin69

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You don’t have to be a Crusader to appreciate these guides on general game mechanics. Educating yourself on the inner workings of Diablo 3 will help your performance with all classes.

Diablo 3 Character Planner by Riv. A comprehensive character simulator that also contains a full list of skill proc rates and attack speed breakpoints.

Cooldown Reduction Calculator by mew0ng

Web-Based Convention of Elements Timer by RNR13

Season + Non-Season Paragon Calculator from d3bg

Area Damage Explained by Quin

Complete List of Monster Progression in Greater Rifts by Silec

Diablo 3 Difficulty Overview from Diablofans

Elemental Skill Damage Explained by Druin

A Game of Thorns - Thorns Mechanics Guide by MightyMidgit

The Effectiveness of Stacking Resource Cost Reduction by Zamga

Elite Affix Types and %Damage Reduction Mechanics by Nagash & Bagstone

RoS Followers (Level 70) Complete Guide by AshTag / Perusoe

Should You Be Stacking All Resistance or Armor? by Diem_E37

How far is a yard onscreen? from diablo.incgamers

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In-game tooltips are useful, but often they don’t tell the full story. These articles explain the internal mechanics of the Crusader’s many skills, and how to use them to one’s advantage.

The BIG Thorns Guide, Part 2: Thorns Gear by Angry Roleplayer

Proc rates for all Crusader skills, from D3MaxStats

List of Crusader skills / runes that activate Strongarm Bracers bonus

Information on Firestarter Mechanics by Spongebob

► Invoker Interactions by Hypnos164

Flail of the Ascended - Bugs and Problems by WWWJam

Guide to Pet Attack Speed by Dialysis

Shield Bash and Block Chance

The Tao of Avatars by JAB1012. A comprehensive guide to the avatars summoned by different Crusader skills and items.

How to Stutter Step by LuckyGaming

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Angry Roleplayer (YouTube)

Bluddshed (YouTube)

Cratic (YouTube)

Deadset’s stream (Twitch TV)

Deadset Gaming (YouTube)

Kikaha (YouTube)

Leviathan D3 (YouTube)

Lord Fluffy (YouTube)

Quin69 (YouTube)

Rhykker (YouTube)

ThaPChild (YouTube)

Commonly Used Terms and Abbreviations in Diablo 3 by Jaetch

The Church of Zakarum on DiabloFans

DiabloFans Build Creator

Diablo 3 Reddit

Crusader Reddit

Icy Veins: Diablo 3 News & Guides

Blizzard Customer Service Twitter

Diablo Twitter

Open Thread - Suggestions for Crusader changes

The filter is rejecting my attempts to hyperlink the patch notes.
Most Recent Patch: 2.6.7

Patch 2.6.6:
Patch 2.6.5:
Patch 2.6.4:
Patch 2.6.1:
Patch 2.6.0:
Patch 2.5.0:
Patch 2.4.3:
Patch 2.4.2:
Patch 2.4.1:
Patch 2.4.0:
Patch 2.3.0:
Patch 2.2.0:
Patch 2.1.2:
Patch 2.1.1:
Patch 2.1.0:
Patch 2.0.6:
Patch 2.0.5:
Patch 2.0.4:

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It looks like this new compendium is really starting to come together! Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion and upvoted this thread to help it get pinned. I will post an update once I’ve earned TL3 and can start a Wiki. If anyone reading this already has TL3 and would like to add this information to their Wiki, that would be awesome too.

Discussion replies:

@Schyzo: Thank you for your kind words!

@Zeeloyd: There is one build specifically designed to survive through disconnects on Hardcore: Guardian of the Trove, by DarkOmicron. I will look for more Hardcore specific guides to add. That is a fantastic idea.

@Boubou: Thanks for the heads up. I have already exchanged posts with Nevalistis here. After reviewing my account, she was able to raise my status to TL2, but I will have to earn TL3 on my own.

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Akkhan Fear Condemn alternative for speeds

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Please add this build to the THORNS & BOMBARDMENT BUILDS section:

H-Bomb by Harnor

See the build details here. Copy and paste please as, for some reason, the forum won’t let me post an active link to the character planner: