Crusader Angelic Crucible dmg affected by enemy debuffs only

Regarding the Crusader Angelic Crucible power that reads:

“After casting Falling Sword, you descend from the sky with two Archangels that wield immense holy skills and benefit from your holy damage skill modifiers.”

Expected functionality: Angels perform holy skills and their damage is increased by the sum of your holy skill damage on your gear

Actual functionality: Angels’ perform 2 Holy skills, 1 Fire skill, 1 Physical skill, and their damage is not influenced by your holy skill damage or any character stat. Their damage is only increased by debuffs to enemies.

This is a tooltip error but also has major consequences for group play.

In practice, solo Crusaders can’t leverage this interaction well with limited ability to increase Angels’ damage.

In group play, support characters can provide upwards of 300+% increased damage from enemy debuffs resulting in Angels capable of clearing gr150 by themselves.