Create Your Own Angelic Power

If I was to take out any one single angelic power and replace it with something else, this is what I would make.

Blessed shield gains the effect of Akkhans Mannacles (500% damage) to every enemy hit plus now orbits the player as they move.

This would open up a bracer slot, plus have fun blessed hammer style gameplay but actually be able to kill stuff w/o using thornes.

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Activating Akarats champion fills you with the blessing of heaven, calling down holy fire(blessed ground) on all enemies within 15 yards.

Activating taunt pulls all enemies within 60 yards to you and stuns them in place for 1 second.

Whenever you take damage, you gain 1 stack, max 100 stacks, activating akarats champion spends all stacks to make enemies within 10-15 yards take 0.5% more damage per stack spent for 10 seconds.

All enemies within 25 yards (increased by globe pickup radius) are cursed with all curses. All curses gain all runes and last forever.

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Evil Eye: All enemies who come within my sight instantly die and provide double progress.


If I was to make one, it would be:
“As long as you equip enough pieces for the full set bonus from Blackthorne’s Battlegear, Hallowed Protectors, Aughild’s Victory, and LoN, and have no legendary affixes active, when you cast a non-utility, non-pet or non-DoT skill, all damage for non-utility, non-pet and non-DoT skills is multiplied by 500% for 20 seconds, and you gain 40% DR for 20 seconds. Casting a skill that already has an active stack will renew that damage and DR stack. Cubed affixes are deactivated."

Only about 50 totally new viable builds for the entire game. It would be as if we just got an expansion.

fork lightning can jump back to wizard giving electrifying buff up to 10 stack (10% damage, 3% IAS, 10% movespeed). fork lightning can rebound to previous target and jump to 2 additional targets.

“With this power your paragon stats are no longer capped at 50/50, go wild!”

CHC = 100%
CHD = Bajillions

What could go wrong?

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I’d like consecration to follow me and deal more damage. Give it some multiplier.

Thinking along the lines of the Savage set for the Barbarian.

Angelic Crucible will turn Frenzy into Bash or Cleave. It’s random, of course, but at least it’s only a 50/50 chance of getting either one.

The primary skill Frenzy can now be replaced with Bash or Cleave, gaining 5 stacks of effectiveness depending on the chosen rune.

Any bonuses normally associated with Frenzy are now applied to either Bash or Cleave. Any bonuses normally associated with Bash or Cleave remain the same.

The belt would give all runes to either Bash or Cleave.
The two-handed axe would give 10 stacks to Bash or Cleave.

I don’t know. Something like that ^^ to give the Savage set a little more variety.

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Agreed with the savages set. It should be designed for all barb primary skills to promote build variety, and also giving the build more AoE. Having entire sets focused on one offensive ability is horrible design.

Blizzard calls down meteors instead, over 6 seconds to enemies in a 12 yard radius.

Supercharge a really crappy underplayed skill like Smite.

Increase the damage of Smite by 50,000%. When Smite chains break they deal 600% weapon damage.

A big Grenade buff:

Grenade is guaranteed to bounce 5 times. Each bounce deals 500% weapon damage. (Compatible with Hellcat’s multipliers)

New trait for Caltrops:

Caltrops deal 600% damage as thorns over 6 seconds.

Bolas and Hungering Arrow Build

Enemies hit by a Bolas explosion now take 300% increased damage from your primary skills for 5 seconds.

Chakram buff

Your Twin Chakram’s path now turns into a loop and deals 750% more damage for each successive enemy hit. (When Chakram Boomerangs, it can hit the same enemy up to 4 times. If an enemy is hit twice by the overlapping Chakram it takes 750% + 1500% + 2250% + 3000% damage).

I’d also throw some non-class specific effects into the mix:

Legendary gems that harm enemies deal 50 times more damage.

Gain 10% resource per second. Spending 50% of your primary resource increases you damage by 30% for 5 seconds.

Damage dealt to elites is increased by half of your Area Damage.

You take 60% less damage, your movement speed is increased by 50% and unhindered.

Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2) and gain 8% damage per worn set item.

Lightning skills always land critical hits. (Incompatible with thorns via SoJ)

Something that should actually exist instead of the current WotHF monk power:

Each stack of Sweeping Wind gives you a 10% multiplicative damage buff. This effect has no cap.

  • Within Consecration Bed of Nails thorns has a 100% chance to crit and is eligible to create area damage