CR 151 not updated to PS4 yet

Im still on 150 which should be 152 already OMFG!!! Still not updated

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Guiness Book of Records just called…


Not updated for Xbox one yet either. No CR 151 or 152.

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Hey, thanks!

Not to hijack the thread but…

Can you also have the team look into how people cheat during the seasons on console (PS4)?

Basically the game will not autosave in Act V which allows players to use mats for reforging until they get the primal/ancient piece they want.

If the true drop rate of primals is supposed to be incredibly rare then how do so many players at the top of the PS4 seasonal leaderboards have all primal gear? No amount of playtime and RNG will give you full primal weapon and armor sets, along with perfectly rolled Flavor or Times and rings for all of them. This is something that PC cannot do so please please patch the game so that people cannot use the same reforging mats by resetting the game until they get what they want. Absolutely unfair advantage.

Thanks again!

blizz pretty much won’t do anything at this point to counteract it… we’ve given them all kinds of ideas since season 10 and they’ve done nothing.

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Yeah, you’re probably right.

I just don’t understand why the game can’t save server side for all players like it does for MMOs. Ah, oh well. Dead horse and all that.

something probably due to the offline nature of the console, and where it originally didn’t have seasons in mind, they made the saves locally on the consoles… the biggest selling point for d3 on consoles was offline play, compared to how on pc you have to be online to play.

Yeah that’s a valid point.

I just find it ironic that console players want a clean bug-free online like PC has and PC folks want an offline version like consoles have.

In any case, I hope that D4 resolves a lot of these issues that plague consoles.

Lol the guy is 5 minutes into his new job…let him get settled first…with a Lead CM and two more CM’s we may get more interaction with them than previously…give him time…and indeed we console players have a few things to talk about like NG and cheating.


Haha I hear ya. :rofl:

Also, I appreciate your optimism.

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Haha, you should play the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III… the first 600 top players on every class in season have 3 sockets on EVERY item (the ones that can not have sockets at all too). Blizzard is not caring about console players at all. I hope if there will be a Diablo IV version for consoles, it will be online only (like D3 is on PC), so no hacked console is able to enable cheats.

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I’ve updated the thread in the Console Bug Reports section but I believe they are getting close on a fix. I will update you all once things are good to go. Apologies for the delay on this. I know it isn’t exactly ideal.


We’re just thankful to have a CM acknowledge us. The last CM post was July of last year.


Are you Adam? I thought you were a new CM not the lead…we await your intro?



This issue should be resolved as of this morning. Apologies for the long delay as it required a few different teams to get involved.


Then maybe now you can fix Curses conquest issue with regards to spawn rate on consoles ? Solo is impossible… couldn’t get Boss mode either, way too slow solo with cinematics and screen transitions…

Whoaaaaa first time posting in awhile and we got a blue post!!!

Thnx and much appreciated for the response Pez…

yea apparently we got some new CM’s

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Nice. Maybe we can at least post in class sections in the futre at least lol