Cow level pylons

I ONLY use cow level for the pylons (empowered and frenzied) right before entering Echoing Nightmare to add DPS, CDR & RCR for the first minute (or more if I’m quick) of initial waves. It seems to help a little.

Shrines… If you solo then Gloves of Worship on follower.

Yes, shrines. I’m a noober.
But, again, I’m not positive that these shrine effects are really of much consequence, since it’s pretty easy to blast through the initial EN waves anyway.
Good advice about the Gloves of Worship, even though I feel committed to using a pair of Primal Ancient Fists of Thunder. Would it benefit my Monk to give GoW to my (Enchantress) follower, whom I’ve equipped with Tasker & Theo gloves?

The Legendary power on T&T doesn’t increase the follower’s attack speed. So GoW would be better. I suppose you use the cannot die token also for ENs?

(I use my DH with Templar for ENs and this thread just made me realise that my setup had to be changed to get enough CDR for vengeance uptime. I use the Enchantress for everything else and am relying on her CDR and forgot that the Templar doesn’t give me cooldown!).

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