Cosmetic Pet Pickup Response

Ever since Cosmetic Pets were added, I’ve noticed some sluggish response time when they pick up Gold. They pick up a few piles of Gold and then it’s like they have to stop and think about which piles they want to pick up next. The lag between piles isn’t very long, so it didn’t bother me much.

However, now that they can pick up Gold, Death’s Breaths, Common items, Magic items and Rare items, it has become much more noticeable…   and annoying. Sometimes they even get stuck when there’s nothing blocking their path and quit picking up anything altogether.

I made the video below while running an Ancient Vault. My Pet didn’t have any issues in the first room. In the second room she went practically catatonic. I had to reposition her a couple of times to get her to finish picking up items. I think it helped her that my Pickup Radius is high enough that whenever I took a couple of steps in any direction I scooped up most of the Gold on the floor.

I’m not posting this in the PTR Bug Report Forum because, after Season 28, it may not be an issue anymore. However, it would be helpful if the Pets’ pickup response could be improved.

  1. Maybe even allow them to “vacuum” pickup Gold.
  2. Have them prioritize the closest item or pile of Gold to them.

Sometimes the Pet will try to pick up Gold that’s 10 yards away from them, they get stuck, but there’s several items, including piles of Gold, lying at their feet.

This 7-minute video demonstrates everything I’ve described above:

I just keep moving and the pet appears to keep up. If I stop moving, they do too. I pretty much ignore them and keep moving, so haven’t noticed an issue. Do they get stuck if you keep moving?

You didn’t watch the video, did you?  

Haha watching the video and then hearing Kulle’s comment at the same time as seeing this comment; “Not what I would do… but when has THAT stopped you?”

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Yes, I did. Sheesh - never mind, trying to get to the bottom of things.

No need to worry about it. I didn’t post this in the PTR Bug Report Forum.

It is feedback for Blizzard. And I included the video so they could see exactly what I was experiencing.

My apologies if my feedback to Blizzard upset you.

I have always found them slow to pick up gold, if you move to fast they miss piles in order to keep up with you. The vacuum idea is a good one although I feel they already have a small vacuum area for gold as I see them pick multiple piles up that are close together in one sweeping action.

Put they need a much larger vacuum area, allowing them to pick up more stuff without having, especially with them now picking up so much more now. By increasing that area of effect they could be far more efficient and not get so stuck too, at least I hope so.

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Can you be any more condescending? I guess your ego couldn’t take me asking a simple question.

Do the pets pick up items dropped/left behind by other players?

When I got to the second room, my Pet just stopped. I then moved nearly a screen away and my Pet did not follow me. I tried moving even farther away before my Pet finally followed me. When I moved back to where the loot was, she still wouldn’t pick up some Gold about 10 yards in front of her and she was standing in a pile of Magic and Rare (blue and yellow) items she refused to pick up.

All of this is shown in the video.

Someone reported that they were picking up Common items of other players in their group. But, that’s the only report of that happening I’ve seen. I don’t know how they would do that with players getting separate loot.

I don’t know if the Pets pick up items that teammates drop on the ground after they pick them up. I only play solo these days.

I tried to drop a couple of items on the ground, but my Pet did not pick them up. (I can’t remember now if they were items that dropped in the wild or ones I got from Kadala. I may test this again, if the PTR doesn’t end before that).

My pet would not pick up items I had inadvertently picked up then dropped again for it to grab… yes, whites, blues and yellows :wink::beers:

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Thanks for confirming that. Yeah, I think if items are picked up first and then dropped, the Pets won’t pick them up.

It’s same as equipping a Puzzle Ring. If a Common item drops the Goblin will pick it up. If you pick it up first and then drop it, the Goblin won’t pick it up.

Oh, I almost forgot, and it’s shown in the video: When I opened the first Holiday Gift, it dropped a Common Helm. My Pet did not pick that up, which allowed me to get the Transmog. So, that’s good.

I meant, if you just run through a place - keep moving, don’t stop as you did in the video. If you just run through, do the pets do their job? If you come back to a place you ran through (without pausing), are the items in the path you ran through still on the ground? If you showed that in your video, I missed it.

The dragon pet is the worst but i use it anyways lol

With the behavior of pets not picking things up until you start moving, if you drop items before opening a chest, weapon rack or killing a pack the pets will pick up the dropped items when you start moving again.

OK, that’s for items purposefully re-dropped but does not answer whether the pet will pick it up before the player, or might. For example, if player one is opening a series of Bounty Caches and player two has a pet within range, will the pet of player 2 attempt to grab items dropped from the Cache (that it can). On console, for example (because it is also what I play), pet AI is to run around and grab things already… however, what it picks is already shared so it doesn’t matter.

Should that work to get non-legendary items and auto-salvage them, it could be very, very bad… especially if a player has enabled it and is trying to power-level another since, again, on console, nothing can be traded or dropped for another player in season so you can’t just give the other player crafting material.

Well keep in mind you can always just dismiss your pet when needed… But back to the original topic, ive had cases where I was standing next to a bunch of death’s breath and items and moving up and down and the pet just simply didn’t respond for a good minute or so. I should have recorded it…

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