Console lobby is a new feature?

You will just have to trade on forums like d2jsp. There you set up a topic, and if you get along with someone on the trade, receive an acc console from them you invite them to the game and there trade.

Of course, it shouldn’t work that way, but the developers enforce it force

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But breaking a game in its core and dumbing it down to an ridiculously dysfunctional abomination of its real self in multiplayer is not cutting corners.

And it would hurt the studio, the parent company and long term investors more than us if they would go through with this.


Lobbies and in game voice or text chat… please, and thank you.

Maybe an in game friends list too.

I dont want to have to keep adding xbox players as friends to my xbox live account and over saturate my friends list. I also don’t want to have to keep adding people to voice chats when it’s possible that an in game voice chat could possibly happen.

Would very much like to be able to join open multiplayer with randoms and just start chatting with a function to block the voice chat of certain players…

I know it probably won’t happen. And I’m going to play the game regardless. But it really, really, be appreciated if these functions could be added to the console experience.

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I don’t even care about voice chat but why has text chat been removed when the game was built around KB+M seems ridiculous we can’t hook up a KB+M to our consoles and type in a chat


I want text chat cuz i hate voice chat hear kids yelling,singing


If you are upset about lobbies not being included in consoles and you still have the game pre-ordered then you are part of the problem. Lobbies haven’t been confirmed for post-launch, and Blizzard is known to bank on pre-orders to determine success. The posts with votes from the thousands of voices didn’t even matter about this core issue. The only way you are now going to be able to get Blizzard to listen is by voting with your wallet by refunding your pre-order and stating why in the feedback portion of it.


Yeah a new feature, pc never had it that why they didn’t port in to console in the remaster…


just like everything in this game, which never existed in PC. They cant call Act 5 as new feature

Lobbies are as important feature as every single act in the game


They could add a feature to easily voice mute the toxic voice chat players.


I think lobbies are much more important than chat. Yeah chat is also important, but I can wait for that but not for lobbies. I want to basically play multiplayer first and then trading


Yeah sadly chat is probably the easier of the 2

I merely suggested that as a placeholder / bandaid until they could add lobbies.


I guess that’s better than what we have now


It would put a band aid on a wound that requires stitches but yea it would be a lot better to AT LEAST have that at launch if lobbies aren’t happening before launch.


No lobbies on console is a complete slap in the face.


Agree the matchmaking sux on PS4.

We need lobbies and cross play. Online will be dead on console.

We best be getting / players 8 for single player


D3 was “working” on PVP for “years” after it was promised, even on the box art, etc. People played in PVP tournaments at Blizz events. Eventually they pushed out the the half baked Brawling and never spoke of PVP again for D3.

If I was a console player, I wouldn’t purchase the console version until it’s confirmed to be added, since even if they made a firm claim that it would be added after launch, doesn’t mean they really will, or will implement it in a useful way (see above).

They say “We’ll think about it after launch”. Customers should say “I’ll think about buying after it’s added”.

Just my 2 cents.


It will not help anything , they are laughing about us. Maybe only 3k Player know about missing core Features . Many of them still buy it for casual gaming with friends. Majority of Player will notice after buying xd . Thats why they try hide it and dont answer anything so its not as public…They grab the cash and Show us middlefinger after. And only care pc.

And they would’ve made money from the launch purchases already. I guess that is their only goal

Just make sure you don’t spend the money unless you get the features you want!