Conquests for solo players

You appear to be on PC. The conquest is far harder on consoles.

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Diablo 3 Impossible to fail, eh? PC isn’t console - Twitch

Granted, I didn’t have all the gear for the build. I built this up quickly just to run Sprinter, so I’m short on a lot of gear. But this is an Inna’s Water Monk, and I only got 254 monsters.

Unless I’m missing something incredibly vital to the build or playstyle to add another 100+ monsters to the kill list before the timer is up…

Anyway, here’s the MS DH.

Diablo 3 Curses Solo Xbox Attempt 2 - Twitch

I forgot to put on my Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, so I failed attempt #1 as I ran out of Hatred mid way. That’s the curse of this season, with being able to push super high GRs easily with a monk, I got tons of paragon before I actually got all the needed gear. I’m not using a DML in this, because I haven’t found one yet. I just quickly leveled up a DH tonight, so this is the first gear of each slot I found. But like I said earlier, properly geared, I can pass Curses 100% of the time now. It’s all about position.

In comparison, this was a similar number of kills on the PC I ran pre-season for prepping for the season:

Diablo 3: Curses Minimalist Build - YouTube

I’m running nothing except for a 6 piece, Captain Crimson’s, a Dawn, and 200 Paragon points assigned. Just try that on a console. You won’t even get close to 350.

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I am more and more convinced that console players are way better than their PC player counterparts. PC has it so easy (better mob density, no NG, better XP for massacres, wider FOV which is especially useful for monsters that charge you from off screen like horned chargers). Console players are so severely hampered in comparison it’s a wonder we can clear anywhere near what PC does.

Yes, I did on PC… but, my brother got the same build on PS4 and did as well.

Have you tried maximum Spirit Regenaration (Inna’s Reach Daibo for + 110% Mystic Ally damage + Reaver on Cube + Path of Guardian passive)? Just run around spamming Cyclone Strike and Mystic Ally.

I haven’t found a Reaver yet, and probably done for the season anyway.

Are you absolutely positive he did it solo? I’m more than willing to admit I’m wrong, but I’d like to see a video of a player on the console actually pull it off solo with a class other than a DH or Crusader. It feels like 99% of the time when people claim to have done it with a build other than a DH or Crusader, it turns out they actually ran in a group that just happened to include a DH or Crusader.

Just FYI, there are a TON of good fun “free” games they give away many are solo games with playstation plus. I mainly have it only for the free games. its always been 2 ps4 games but since ps5 release they still give 2 ps4 games and 1 ps5 game and now some 3d headset games. It might cost 29.99 to 39.99 during a black friday sale for the year but its well worth the price based on the games you get over the year.

yes but console has the controller and for me, diablo 3 is a great game with a controller, i feel like edward sissorhands blowing up ballons trying to play d3 on my mouse/keyboard. Although I have to admit the teleport with a right mouse button bind is pretty awesome.

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I was really worried at first but the Set Dungeon quest was fairly easy in the end. I play a Wizard main, and had to create three extra toons, but in the end I easily mastered:
Immortal King

Took a while, but it got the job done. You can level a gem of ease and an LOD, use the GoE to set a ring to level 1, level another 1 to stuff on a weapon and you can level a new toon in 15 minutes tops.

I picked wizard on pc since the set was a good one and I was starting brand new (just got the game on pc about 10 days ago)… while i was using the t16 armor set paragon farm trick I too “mastered” the firebird dungeon set. I thought what the heck, I didnt even look up to see how to do it and I was just running farming fast easy xps.

Firebird is my “go-to” every season to master one dungeon. I think it’s actually easier than the supposedly “easiest one”, Immortal King.

yes, the controller is a big plus for me, especially since I have issues with my shoulders and hands. A keyboard/mouse would not be good for my physical health, at least with regards to prolonged gaming.

So, I went ahead and got a Reaver in the cube, and did what you suggested, and actually got fewer kills (only 242).

I’m almost positive now that your brother had help from a DH. That’s part of the problem with the PC and console working differently. There’s disconnect. And it’s easy to forget that you had help, thinking that your console Inna’s monk did the work, when the reality is there was a DH who did the work, and you were just along for the ride. Now, there’s nothing wrong with someone carrying you. But you just have to be mindful that a lot of advice people give tends to be PC centric, and this can come off wrong, particularly when on the console forums.

Now, like I said, I’m fully willing to admit I’m wrong, but I would like proof. I know it can be done with a Crusader & DH, either solo, or in the group. And I know it can be done with 3+ monks in a group on the console. But I have yet to see it done otherwise without those conditions. I’ve seen people get close, but a failure is a failure, whether you get 349 kills or 49 kills. And I’m sure there’s probably some other weird combination of some group of 4 which could do it. But I’m more interested in someone pulling it off solo.

Finally solo’d Curses! on Xbox. Took about 5 or 6 tries but finally got it using a UE Multishot DH. Definitely frustrating to solo on the console. But it is possible. I was so excited that I forgot to take a screenshot and video. To anyone trying just keep trying, you’ll get it if you use the right build.

Not worth it.

More enjoyable to make a completely new character in HC and run the solo GR45. At least then you have a whole new character to play. It might take longer, but overall, a better tit-for-tat.

To me.

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