Conquests for solo players

Oh boy solo only players on console really got screwed this season. Two easy conquests and three that are next to impossible to do solo on console.

I am not sure what I am going to do.

I’m going to do the HC GR 45 no set thing as I absolutely hate doing set dungeons.

Is it worth doing them in s25?

I didnt think much of the rewards and dont really need the variety of soul shards, so not bothering with the season. Others will have their own take on it, im sure.

Agreed. Solo console players are generally screwed with completing the 3rd conquest. There are only two feasible options to get the 3rd conquest done. Either go the HC route and do either Super Human or Lionhearted or get help from a friend that plays a Multishot DH and attempt to do Curses!.

None of the above options are ideal for a solo console player, but it’s the only realistic route to finish your Season Journey.

From what is understand ONLY Multishot DH has any chance to do curses solo on console.

It is super easy that do it solo what the that build on PC. But is is a lot harder to do it on console.

I can only hope that the new gems might help make things easier.

Or create a HC and pray you don’t die as you level up your LOD gem and go as tankey as humanly possible.

You can also do it with a Hammerdin Crusader or Marauders DH.

This is one thing that frustrates me about social media. On reddit yesterday, someone asked about how to solo Curses on the console. And I responded similarly to what you said you understood.

First, Curses can only be done with a Marauder's DH, UE DH, or Hammerdin Crusader. Or, if you're in a group of 4, 4 Inna's Monks. But, excluding that last one, you are required to have one of those 3 classes, either solo, or in a group, or else you're wasting your time.

Demonstration of a 350+ kills on consoles

Position is the key here. You need to be right above the steps. If you're off by even a couple cm, you won't get 350. And you need to make sure you don't run out of Hatred at all, not even once. For this, I prefer a Cindercoat.

OK, technically you can use an LoD build to simulate them. But that’s all I wrote, and it was downvoted at one point to -8. It wasn’t, how do you complete Curses, but how do you solo Curses on the console.

And typically when people ask, the responses (which tend to be upvoted) tend to be “This works for me on the PC, just do this on the console”. I just don’t feel people realize that it’s fundamentally different. It’s not just hard. For many classes, Curses is literally impossible.

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There was a a extremely badass looking pet and portrait this season based in Diablo himself. I guess if you personally don’t care about cosmetics then I would not worry about it.

For the rest of us that do care and only play solo. This is going to be some hard times o get the 3 conquests.

I don’t even have PSN plus. Since I only play solo games.

I have seen people do you over 400 kills way before the minute ends with MS DH. And that was just them staying on one side. Like I said it is super easy on PC. Using that same setup doing the same thing you would only get less than 300 kills you on console. The difference is that big. Very frustrating.

I thought the portrait, pet and wings were pretty cool for S24… it was half the motivation for me to play the season… the other half being the ethereal cosmetics. Wings probably the better of the drawcards besides the ethereals for a bit more weapon cosmetic variety.

Cursed was a pain on all the builds I ran in S24 too. I had a DH, but it’s ethereals were done before I was close to a MS kit out. I opted for the innas set dungeon… it was the tedious one, but not especially hard. Had to drop weapons to crafted below level 20 and find just the right sweet spot of not too much dps, but enough when needed.

Me too. Not feeling very confident about completing the conquests this season, but the HC GR45 is probably my best chance. Do you think it’s reasonably achievable with a DH LoD build?

Once you get a full build, and leveled up your LoD gem a bit, yeah, DH can be done. But they’re honestly one of the worst classes for fast LoD builds. You need very specific gear for them.

If going after pure speed, the Necromancer. They can clear GR45 fairly easily, provided they have an LoD Level 5 gem, just wearing all trash legendaries. It doesn’t even matter what legendaries they have.


Thanks for that. Maybe once I’m a bit into the season and have the rest of the conquests done, I can level up a necro fast just for the GR45. Really want to try out the Shadow Impale this season as played GoD DH in S23 and also HC towards the end of S24 but haven’t tried other DH builds.

Curses! can be done on consoles, solo. It takes some planning, effort and of course, RNG, since wave/spawn rates are inconsistent due to RNG, but it can be done. I did both of them solo, SC and HC, s24. I ended up finishing rank 9 globally for seasonal challenges - despite the massive advantages group players get…

So for me, it’ll be the thrill, divinity and curses. SC and HC. Everyone hates the masters of 8 set dungeons, and of course, the game in under an hour is ONLY doable in a well oiled group and even then it’s hit and miss. I really wish Blizzard would get rid of these 2 conquests - they are just absolutely horrible, and certainly aren’t any fun imho.

GOD HA will still murder s6 impale. IMHO, the s25 s6 impale changes are pathetic. And of course, the m6 changes will mean that it’ll be the dominant build for DHs in s25 and probably s26, outperforming both GOD HA and s6 impale.


`Yes, absolutely. Yangs, DML, get a few ancient legendary items, SOJ ring and voila. I think I did it last season in under 3 minutes. Get a LOD gem up to rank 25 first so you get the double/ancients bonus. Add zeis and trapped and voila. VERY, VERY easy.

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to me,soloing the curses is next to impossible,maybe some ppls succeed after hundreds tries,i tried many many times and gave up already,i hate to do 8 set dungeon too,but this season i have no choice but to make a wiz and necro,the easiest 8 dungeons among all(necro can’t fail).

unless the new gems cause more mobs to spawn faster, its not going to help. From what I remember BT saying is the mob density on console isnt close to what you get on pc. Now it would be great if they made a ps5 version of d3 which would duplicate some of the pc game parts . You could do what I do for curses, beg BT to give you a hand :slight_smile:

I once got in the upper 340s with curses on a demon hunter but ultimately I had to get Behind Times (BT) to pop in my game and blow up the screen.

another trick you can do is wear a flavor of time on your companion:

  • [Pylon](https: //diablo. fandom .com/wiki/Pylon) effects last twice as long. ([Emanates]

check out the map for some resource shrines (if you are having problems maintaining your hatred) - *Empowered Shrine – Increased resource regeneration by 100% and reduced cooldowns by 50%. For Demon Hunters, this shrine only increases Hatred regeneration; it does not change Discipline regeneration.

add gloves of worship which extends the duration of all shrines from 2 minutes up to 10 minutes. I’m not sure if your flavor of time doubles the 10 minutes so you have 20 minutes total but that would probably give you enough time to search as many maps as you need to find the empower shrine :slight_smile:

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Yes. I prefer Rapid Fire, myself, but I am sure others can do it - I do know Fan of Knives works very well, too.

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I just gonna do HC LOD 45 with some gank LOD Inna Monk. crudest boots you are my only hope :wink:

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it is not impossible. I did it on SC and HC last season solo. And the prior season it was a conquest too.



my pinned comment shows how I did it with UE MS:

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Pretty easy if you are willing to roll a Water-Monk Inna… impossible to fail

Were you able to do it?

I posted a guide here.