Communities Are Not Working After Maintinance


Why did you even put this up. We are not having a problem connecting to Diablo III. We are having a problem just in the Clan Community. Plus that is the only PROBLEM IS IN THE CLAN COMMUNITY!!!

The rest of the game is fine.

It says when loading the game:

We’re aware of an issue where players are showing as level 0 in the clan roster page and other players can not see their level or receive invites. This actively being investigated BY US thank you for your patience in the meantime.

I think people are letting you know for the past 48+ hrs that we are still having a problem.


If you can’t talk in the clan chat leave and get reinvited to the clan. That should fix that bug.

Now the bug with not being able to join private games, no freaking clue how to fix that. It’s still broken, makes the game unplayable.


New error today as well. “problem loading game license” forgot the error code for it, but keeps showing up this past hour.


Is this ever going to be fix or is it as long as the public game are working. We don’t have worry about clan and private games. So I have 70 people in my clan and if I want to play with them. I have to deal with errors, no chat and thing in game that don’t work. This is past very very sad to where is it is almost 3 days and still NO FIX.


Look again and try entering and leaving groups. We keep getting “game license not found” and other errors that are driving us to play other games. This is not a “player side” issue just because you chose to investigate a very small part of the overall complaints.


Happens a lot, get stuck when trying to leave a game, just have to close d3 and reload very annoying.

With these bugs I suppose the promotion for the d3 sales must be just going through the roof!


After 4 days of frustrating experience I have decided to quit this game… no big loss for you blizzard just another random guy leaving


i am trying to download the game on my pc. i just bought it tonight and it keeps saying there was an error installing on both of my computers. can anyone give me any suggestions?


I too am getting this new issue. :frowning:


The nice thing is there is a workaround for the moment. You can still enter the game and talk through typical DMs. You can also still see them in the actual game. Unless your issue is a bit different.


I can’t believe its been an issue for so long. its clear they have other priorities… Like making D4 /shrug. D3 isn’t going to make it past season 20 i bet.


The problem is that it isn’t affecting Public rifts, GR’s, or Bounties. It is only affecting a small group of people. So why fix it, wait till the next maints. If it was everybody it would have been fix with in few hrs. Where it is just the clan people no big deal we’ll wait.


also having issues with bounties on party locks
this is very annoying lost many caches cause of this
please fix this game
first classic kills raiding in bfa lack of players
now diablo cant even run their servers properly losing faith in blizzard again.
what happened to the company of my childhood, that released polished games


No it’s not!
Everyone on America’s, Europe’s and Asia’s server are experiencing the same broken game issues.

In order to join someone else’s game from the party you are in must logout in order to do so.

I am playing HC season but appear to others as NS SC.
Does this make any sense?

Blizzard is on par for ruining this season with their screw ups.


i meant the communities are working…


One important concept I’ll never forget is the first time I posted on a blog or forum as a young man and was instantly blasted.
What I said isn’t important,
I put a thought that was in my mind as my forum post and it was missing a ton of information for ppl to get it!

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Thread title: Communities Are Not Working After Maintinance

(I’m quoting. Yes, I know the word is actually spelled “Maintenance”).


Still getting a 10014 error code …it has been this way for a week or two.


You mean the entire World? ignorance is bliss isn’t it.
Both Australia and EU are having the same social issues.
Hopefully today’s fix should resolve this once and for all.


I’m assuming today’s fix isn’t complete yet. The game is letting me try to log in to the point it retrieves my character list and I can see my toons, but it’s giving me an error of “could not join channel, you’ve joined too many of this channel already” and then it kicks me out.