Communities Are Not Working After Maintinance


I can’t accept anyone in the clan, it is written that “Your rank does not allow you to send an invitation”, although I’m a clan leader. Also clan chat does not work. There is no list of clan members (zero members on the network) Clan DnL death is not limit. Help me please!


These issues have now been on-going for almost a fortnight.
Would it be too much to expect…

  1. Stickied announcement in US General Discussion
  2. Stickied announcement in EU General Discussion
  3. Announcement in Battlenet launcher (all regions/languages, not just US English)
  4. Communicate with EU Tech Support who, by their responses on the EU forums, seem to be completely unaware this issue has been on-going for almost two weeks so they stop asking people to do WinMTR reports / client repairs for this
  5. Put out updates about this on your Twitter feeds


It is getting worse in Poland. Third day “no clan” - only the inscription “Clan is currently unavailable”. No clan chat - error code 319045


A maintenance cycle for BNet starts in 15 minutes. Continue to post after this cycle ends to report any changes, good or bad.


I am the leader of my clan, and myself, nor my members can see my/our clan tag above my username in game. Who else is having this issue? I just chatted with Blizzard customer service, and though they were very nice, they told me to post here so that some traction hopefully comes of this and gets ITs notice. Please people if your having the same issue post too. This is my first time being extremely annoyed with any issue on blizzard. Been playing Blizz since Blackthorn at 6 when my uncle got my brother and I into gaming and then WC1. So I’m not new to this stuff, however I am new to posting an issue.


I have the same problem but at the beginning I went out in community and clan people at level 0 or suddenly disappear from being the pj season, many of my clan went out so now I connect I get error 319045 tells me how my clan does not is available in bone communities to fix this unplayable


I am also experiencing problems after maintenance. Before maintenance was getting repeatedly disconnected code 1016, now after maintenance besides disconnects cannot play with friends, cannot join games, DNDis showing, I cannot change it to available. I thought D3 was suppose to be a coop game, which it no longer is. When is this problem going to be fixed? I am tired of playing without my friends.


I guess devs noticed that some players want a SSF mode, so now everyone has “one” :roll_eyes:


No puedo acceder al clan, me da error 319045


Playing D3 since day one and never had problems like this before with communication with blizzard/ my clan/friends/ communities also ! Can’t invite anyone because i don’t see anyone ! Clan 0 / communities 0 ??? And blizzard people are in quiet mode ! No informations at all :frowning: I’m very disappointed ! Just hoping that anyone will write message back what’s the story ? When you gonna fix that , what’s happening? Anything please !


Im also still having problems with clan and communities. Even people on my friendlist are showed in-game (AFK in town), but they are offline? - and many others showing NS, but playing Seasonal.

Hope the problems soon can be sorted out so we can enjoy the D3 community again! :slight_smile:


I too am still experiencing party issues after 3 weeks.
When will they hear us and fix D3?


I can’t accept clan invite. When i click “Accept Invitation” i get error 34200 ( diablo 3 servers are unavailable).
I opened a ticket about the issue and they responded they’re aware of the issue and to come to this thread for updates…


Me too, i can’t accept clan invite. When i click “Accept Invitation” i get error 34200 ( diablo 3 servers are unavailable). Europe region


It won’t let me leave any community. On the bright side, no chat spam.

Clans/Communities seem to be back online

Thanks for the continued reports! Just wanted to come in here and let you all know, we have not forgotten about this issue. We are continuing to monitor this thread and track your reports. Your reports and patience are greatly appreciated as this is a frustrating issue to continually run into.

No new updates as of yet, but as soon as we do hear more to share with you all, we will keep this thread updated.


Its 3 weeks now. Its a complete desaster from Blizzards Side.

Who is responsible for this Sir ? I think this guy, this guys should actively looking for a new job. 3 Weeks. Major bugs. This is NOT acceptable by any means!


2 nights ago I had severe connection issues and was constantly being DC’ed and then unable to log back in. About 30 minutes later it finally let me in. Last night I experienced severe latency spikes and rubberbanding to the point I stopped playing the game. I have 300 up and down internet and had no issues with anything else using the internet at that time so to me that rules out the ISP having issues.

Error codes from 2 nights ago below:


Still can’t use my clanchat, cannot do anything with my clan / cant leave it eighter. Same for 7 out of my 10 communities, cant see them, cant chat and cant leave them… so basiscly i cannot play with my friends because i cannot reach them


I lost words what I can say here, you guys create this problem and now can’t resolve this. This is the worst season I ever play because I can’t play with my friends.