Commemorate 20 years of Diablo II with Carbot, MrLlamaSC, and new in-game wings!

reading from the linked article above the first paragraph had me shaking my head:
“Multiple Great Evils (not just one). Hardcore mode. Gem socketing. Fighting demons outside for the first time. Diablo II has a legacy, and it’s in the bloodstream of every game we’ve worked on at Blizzard since the year 2000.”

I feel like you (current Blizzard) are taking away the credit old blizzard has done, mostly everyone that has worked on the original Diablo and Diablo 2 has left the company, instead of saying “we’ve” worked on as if the ActiBlizz staff actually worked on those classics, please reword it to something like:

“we are proud to have become the successors to a legacy franchise known as Diablo and strive to continue the Diablo story”

But even then seeing how D3 was treated, if I personally worked on the game I would have been ashamed to say I was a successor knowing damn well that the original D3 was a greedy cash grab living up to the sin of Greed, who knows maybe lessons were learned and D4 might actually be good, I will just wait it out until I could pick up D4 for $20

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The bit about the Diablo 2 downloader on Rhykkers last game news video was… interesting. Not direct evidence, but definitely a head scratcher.

IF there is something coming AND it’s no where near being finished, I’m glad Blizz isn’t prematurely announcing anything. I’d rather have a polished product than some half baked crashing piece of junk which could potentially unravel the Diablo community.

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I think both of our backs would disagree with this statement. :wink:

Also, Yappy Ding Day! Hope you got lots of wine and pie planned. :pie: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :pie:

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How in the nine circles of Dante’s hell can anyone call this atrocity “wings?” Looks closer to the tendrils Sil grew in “Species.” This is a reward?

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Each of the Diablo games was a step to the next. They should all be cherished, its what brought us together! Congratulations Blizzard for providing a lot of entertainment to masses over the years. :smiley:

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Maybe it will grow on you. :yum:

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Thank you for the Wings and the Achievement, most unexpected and very appreciated. I bought the Diablo War Chest shortly after I purchased my Radio Shack Tandy, oh, so many years ago and it has been on every computer I have owned since than.

not going to lie this is disappointing. don’t care about speedruns, wings are kinda meh, the necro wings are far better designed. and a bust of diablo, which is kinda cool. this just screams kinda lazy.


superior game, that’s why they made a d2 anniversary event. you must not have been around for d3 launch with all the hate.

Happy 20th anniversary! I remember buying D2 from Bestbuy and LOD from radioshack!

So, are you saying that the ~10 topics opened in the last year or so, stating how D4 will be a failure if it keeps the horrendous D3 trading system, as opposed to the superior D2’s (which is the game that the real Diablo fans are playing, of course), were all started by the same troll?


D2 is the superior ARPG game, anyone with half a brain knows that. D3 got an excellent engine, but will forever be the sequel that did not live up to expectations , it failed on too many important topics: Atmosphere(Cartoon, disney) Story(Childish) itemization(failure) ARPG elements starved etc. You can’t really compare it with the Blizzard North classics, those were the golden days of Blizzard.

As for ‘’ D3 devs team’ , D3s whole history is controversial and Blizzard themselves treated it as the red headed stepchild for years (ignoring it at Blizzcons). Finally with the D4 presentation they pretty much acknowledged everything wrong with D3(well, itemization presentation still sucks on D3 levels).

The whole D4 presentation had strong D2 ‘‘going back to the roots’’ vibe, it speaks for itself , D2 is THE game in the series and Blizzard knows it for sure, /end of discussion.

Anyways, Congratulations Diablo II!

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Yes, pretty much. I mean wow 10 whole topics! OMG how can you ever get over that? You don’t have to respond to them or even read them either BTW.

The way you guys were carrying on I would have thought it was thousands of topics being spammed about, but 10? This much crying over 10 topics? That’s just sad. :rofl:

I logged in, but I didn’t get the wings.

You have to start a game.
The achievement is given as soon as your hero enters town.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

honestly the more you went on the more you made it seem like you were jealous. who says stuff like that? haha good stuff ty

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