Commemorate 20 years of Diablo II with Carbot, MrLlamaSC, and new in-game wings!

Happy 20th Anniversary!

I personally would’ve liked either a special Diablo 3 event that had us face the act bosses of Diablo 2, or had Uber Diablo (Pandemonium season ver.) walk the Earth again (permanently this time) in order to earn some nifty rewards (like Baal’s wings/Appendages). It even would’ve been nice if Diablo 2 had received an update, perhaps something allowed players to reliably summon Uber Diablo instead of relying on SoJs.

Note: I’m aware that any of these would’ve taken precious time and resources, but a guy can dream right?

All in all, Diablo 2 holds a special place in my heart when it comes to pc games. In fact, the only pc game that I enjoyed nearly as much as Diablo 2 is Warcraft III. I enjoy Diablo 3 as well, played since launch, however it doesn’t quite fill the void. That said, I’ll continue looking forward to all Diablo related news, especially news regarding Diablo 4.


Because many of them are trolling the D3 forum, why double post? They gave you a link to watch MrLlamaSC.

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I see a lot of D3 players trolling the D3 forum about why they hate Diablo 2 so much… I play both games and enjoy them both for different reasons. I don’t know why there is so much hate on these boards for the game that made this one possible though.


I am not sure how many people “hate” D2. The problem started when the D2 fanboys showed up on the D3 forum and started complaining about D3 and D4. Some of them also started making derogatory comments about anyone who had the audacity to enjoy playing D3. They failed to comprehend that many of the D3 players also played D1 and D2. They have a D2 forum, but they continue to troll the D3 forum. When D4 has a forum they will most likly be complaining on that one. I do not go to the D2 forum, how many D3 players are on the D2 forum complaining all the time?


20 Years wow, that is someting indeed :slight_smile:


Sure, there are these people. But most D2 fans are just giving their honest feedback to D4, which was actually asked for by Blizzard.

Now there are you, hating generically on D2 fans in this thread, which initially was completely free of any judgement. The people in here do not divide into D2 and D3 fans, but into hating ignorants and people constructively arguing about the games…


There’s like one guy who doesn’t play D3 who trolls the D3 boards. Many people play both and prefer one over the other. “They” are not invading anything. People are giving their opinions about where they want the direction of the new game D4 to go. In those ensuing conversations if they prefer D2’s methods some of the die hard D3 players freak out and call it an invasion or some silly conspiracy.

Just because somebody complains about things in Diablo 3 doesn’t mean they they are trolling from some other place, or don’t enjoy both games. I like both. I wish D3 had more elements of D2 in it, and I hope D4 does as well. Does that make me a D2 fanboy trolling the D3 forums now?

Who are you to dictate who can comment or not here anyway? :man_facepalming:t2:

Happy anniversary Diablo II


I do not “hate” anyone, I just do not care to watch MrL, I was hoping for something more for the 20th anniversary.

So they found some youtube videos to share with us…
And we are getting Baal’s imaginary wings.

How nice of them!


Maybe you’re jealous of him, have you thought about that possibility?

He’s good at games, he’s a kitten, makes cool videos … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yeah I see that, I just want to tell you, you are not arguing against some game implementations, not reporting any bugs, problems or whatever, you just say something randomly against the D2 community. Not the biggest problem to me, I just want to point out the irony of doing this in the same line, in which you said D2 fans were trolling the forums to lead your post ad absurdum. I think it was successful…


yea diablo 2 is a batter game and d3 will ever be

i still play it now


free game from A. blizz? maybe in the next life in another reality … :man_facepalming:


You know Blizz has free games right?

Heroes of the Storm
Basic Starcraft 2 is now F2P
Base WoW and all the expansions except the current one are free - sub still needed though.

That’s it, thank you. I own a 2600 sf house (free and clear), I have a wife, two daughters, 2 grand kids, plenty of money in the bank a good income I also have a Jackapoo. I must be jealous of a guy who streams a 20 year old game on his dining area table. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I wonder if the same people who were complaining about Rhykker’s face being in the Battlenet launcher, will be complaining about the new face. Most likely not, but you know who you are.

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Happy Anniversary, Diablo II!

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What a joke, log in get wings, and spend 140$ to get a mini statue. You guys are clueless. Everyone wanted a remaster and there was no better time to announce it than today. The fact that it is not even mentioned clearly means there will not be one anytime soon or possibly ever. This company is pathetic, glad i switched to PoE and play PoD resets. The 5 non paid devs in their free time give more care/love to the game than this massive greedy company.

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Can I please get Mr Lama off my launcher and Rhykker back? Thank you.

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Why does it matter? Just go to twitch and follow whoever you’d like.

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