Come to Heal Achievement

Hi, what’s the best way to get this, where you have to heal people for 2 billion? I’m at 54 million so far…

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If you want to just get it eventually while casually playing, make a support monk. You’ll get it eventually just by running GRs on a zmonk.

If you want to specifically get it as fast as possible, get 3 people to afk in town while you heal them. They don’t have to lose HP, the heals still count with them at full health. Stack as much health globes bonus as physically possible (shoulders, chest, rings, amulet, boots, shield), stack some IAS, RCR, CDR, and spirit regen, then spam Cyclone Strike: Soothing Breeze with Epiphany: Soothing Mist active while also spamming Breath of Heaven: Circle of Life.

Note that the achievement only counts direct heals, not heals from skills that grant life regen, e.g. Mantra of Healing, Inner Sanctuary: Safe Haven don’t count.

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Thanks for your help. So you can heal people at full health…OK, that’s cool.

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Would anyone else be interested in getting a group of four and knocking this out together one evening?