Come on then. Let's see how rich we all are

D3 is now almost 10 years old. You can accumulate a lot of gold in this game, so let’s see how rich we all are.

Non Seasonal only. Total figure. Here’s mine:


That’s 53 Billion, 921 million, 542 thousand and 393 gold.

I’ve been playing on and off since 2012. I’m betting mine’s one of the lower figures overall :slight_smile:


I checked my total earned over the time I’ve been playing. 84, 498, 534, 198. That means I’ve only spent 31 billion over the last ten years. I have always been a very casual player, though.




only 49 billion gold. However I do have 8500 blood shards too.

I sold all of mine for flawless royal gems which I now cannot stack because it is broken, even when I try to add 1.

So, maybe 100 million.

Gold collected since starting in 2012: One and a quarter trillion. 1,265,576,002,744 to be exact.

Of which I have a little over a third left: Gold on hand: 366,860,387,350.

View Profile > Career > Summary > Gold collected = 2,114,611,236,476 gold
Currently available non-seasonal gold = 488,400,569,825 gold

So, 2.1 trillion earned, with 488 billion left.

4.2 trillion looted
3.2 trillion on hand

400 billion sold on rmah AH… after that gold = worthless

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how much was 400 billion worth back then?
Sounds like a nice little chunk of change for a new game.

I don’t remember now. but I told 2tb at a time… maybe $20 or $30, i forgot now… left myself like 300 million… and day after, they released gheed + gem, LOL…

i didnt play the game to make $ on rmah, i bought as much as I sold, to improve my characters. my rule was simple: never put a $1 inti the game after buying it… I think I cashed out maybe 3-4k total, which is nothing obv…

Hmm, never thought to check how much gold I’ve picked up in total on my profile. I’ll check that tomorrow and edit my original post.

I don’t care, unless I can convert it to real-life dollahs & cents

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