CoE for S21 Theme

The community would much rather have the title than the proposed that’s been presented.


“The community” would probably rather have just about anything than the current lackluster theme for 21. Permanent CoE sounds great to me when put next to this theme. Still very unimaginative, but it’s better.


Yes. CoE + S21 theme = The best outcome.

Those who can’t benefits from S21 theme at least still can benefits from free CoE when it comes to speed farming.


Hm, I will repeat myself : what people want, you cannot possible know of.
I think CoE should be in game as a standard or removed. It is mandatory for many builds and you need to pay attention to it to deal damage in a small window.

I had made a somewhat similar suggestion in another thread. I was thinking since they’ve gone with these effects, the frequency with which they proc should be dropped and the duration be like 5 seconds. For example each one occurs every 15 secs and lasts 5 secs; while the lightning forks shoot out, your lightning skills deal 200% increased dmg etc. etc. for the snowball, fire wall