Classes that complement each other

Hi everyone my gf and I are going to push greater rifts in season 20 together.
What classes really complement each other?
She’s a newbie but I’ve been playing for a while.
Her class needs to be relatively easy to use/build.
I would like to have a build that can carry her by either healing or tanking so she can do heavy dps.
I will need to be doing reasonable dps of course lol

The OCD in me strikes again: Classes don’t compliment each other, they COMPLEMENT each other. :confounded:

My apologies for your causing your OCD flare up :roll_eyes:

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I’d recommend a Whirlwind/Rend Barbarian all day, every day, for your girlfriend. Gearing is pretty straight-forward, they do excellent damage, and as long as you keep Band of Might up, they’re very resilient. Free has an excellent guide that explores a few different variations on the build here, and you will be able to find many gameplay videos on YouTube to give you an idea of how it plays.


Easy to play? Monk - Patterns of Justice. Get support pieces and just Tempest Rush through everything (set that skill on right mouse button, hold it down continuously). Apply Epiphany, Mantras and Blinding Flash when needed. Find a Kyoshiros Belt so Sweeping Wind is up constantly, also. Fairly tanky and delivers quite a wallop.

With you playing a WW/Rend Barb, you and her will mow through mobs like they were melted butter.

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My male Barb once heard a female DH say “Phwoar! Look at the biceps on him!” as he spun past her.