Choppy Response/Freezing


I keep getting choppy responses from the game while playing. It will smooth out occasionally, but then goes back to halting every few steps. I also get an issue where it goes to a white screen for about 20 seconds and then goes back to the game. When the game returns, my ability fields and progress bars is blank and the health status bars do not show. After the 3rd time of going to the white screen, the game will completely freeze forcing me to Force sign out of my computer and login again to regain access to the rest of my PC. I have verified that I have all of the latest updates to hardware and software. I have an AMD4Core A10-7400P CPU, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb HDD with Win 10 Pro 64-Bit Windows Insider edition. Any thoughts or suolutions will be most welcome.


Try the steps in the troubleshooting article (click BLUE text for more details):
Diablo III Locking and Crashing

If you have Razer products, read this support article sticky at top of the forum:
Known Technical Support Issues