Choose between my 2 Burizas

Finally I got the Buriza with the legendary affix I’m looking for. But which one would u say is the better of these two?

https:// i . imgur . com/c5pSM1g . jpg
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I’d take the right one, since “brooding” passive seems absolutely useless.
Item stats vary very little, so they don’t really matter IMO.

I’d choose based on which legendary power I wanted, and if that didn’t matter then the passive. DieOxide’s vid in an earlier post has some great information on just this issue.

Of those I’d take the one on the right. Awareness is always a useful passive and strafe piercing can provide a little bit more DPS although not as much as usually due to Buriza’s slow attack speed. Strafe piercing really only benefits when GoD 4p internal cooldown is an issue.

The passive on left option is pretty useless but the absorb shield can benefit when using Squirt’s Necklace.

I would try both in a few 6-7min GRs, checking whether I can keep Squirts buff without the shield (almost) as good as with the shield.
If there is no significant change in Squirts uptime, i would choose Valla’s Buri. If not, I would use the other one.

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