Cheating on consoles ruining seasonal play

The exploit that allows people on console to re-roll items without spending materials is ruining seasonal play where cheating should not be possible…

The top leaderboard is filled with people in full perfect primal ancient gear.

I personally will never cheat since once you start cheating, you ruin your own gaming experience.

Has Blizzard responded / planned to address this issue in futur seasons?

I’m not sure how long I will keep playing seasons if cheaters are allowed in…


Too many of these topics pop up, cheating has and will continue to be an issue for the entire life cycle of D3.

Sadly, it won’t likely go away. Blizzard needs to step up & do something. It’s been going on since before I got the game, which wasn’t long after the Switch release (been playing for years on desktop). Console seems to be mostly cheaters, which results in me playing solo. Can’t trust people.

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Nothing Blizzard can do about it, it is the offline nature of save files that is being abused and it is the console feature that offers the restoration of saves.

People keep saying that, but yet other 3rd party games on the Switch do ban cheaters. They use the Switch servers. This tells me that they can do something, if they wanted to.

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Ok so let me clarify…the console vendors run the leaderboards, not Blizzard AND Blizzard have no appetite to remove cheaters from them.

Blizzard COULD instruct MS/Sony/Nintendo to do so.

But they never have and never will. Console on Ps4/XB1 has had Seasons since S10 and NOT ONCE have we had ANY Leaderboard adjustment.

Ergo it is most likely not to occur on Switch.

Other companies with other games might but Blizzard’s history with console D3 suggests they won’t.

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I have said it before, I truly believe the player base on consoles is at least 90% cheaters, which is why I went solo years ago.

Bad enough when you see a random cheating, disparaging when you catch friends doing it, who shouted to the world how horrible cheaters are. Even the so called legit groups are filled with them, some I have personal knowledge of the flagrant cheats they were caught in, who still claim otherwise to those unaware. My faith in the legit community was shattered years ago as friend after friend was caught by myself or others in the group I used to be a part of.

It was so prevalent that some people just decided to play with them regardless, feeling they needed to lower their standards to have people they knew to group up with throughout the day. I just went 100% solo at that point. Nowadays I play rarely, and extremely casually on the Switch when I am not connected to a tv. When I am in front of the tv, pretty much every other game I have is a better option, will never play on the tv again.

Maybe D4 if it is nothing like D3…


“Nothing is as it seems.” … is a great truth of this world about everything.

There will always be ppl that take the easy road and the others that walk the razor edge are but a few.

My the Gods be good to you Nephalem!


I use some of the exploits I think you are talking about on non-seasonal characters. Normally, I don’t talk about it because people lose their damned minds about it even if it’s offline. i don’t share the actual method because I know idiots will not treat it as I do and proceed wrecking seasonal leaderboards and pooping on everyone’s favorite pillow. You say this is a problem in seasons so I figured I’d chime in.

Blizzard can do something because …they already have…sort of…maybe accidentally. Somewhere in there they patched part of the blood shard exploit by taking some of the randomness away from Kadala…if you can believe that. They did the same with upgrading rares. Same with enchanting. Reminder: These are not complete fixes. These exploits still work but they have been noticeably crippled.

What still works with all the bells and whistles?
-Pretty much anything legendary+ that you can craft yourself like hellfire rings/amulets, reapers wraps etc etc etc
-Bounty cache legendary items.
-Reforge legendary in the cube.
-Convert set items in the cube.

They can do something.
They have proved that much.
Only way I can think of to fix it is to make the game auto-save much more frequently when in towns using the features I mentioned.
Something like every time something is crafted or identified= auto-save.
Or auto-save every few seconds or so when inside a menu like with Kadala or the blacksmith.
That would fix most of the problems but who knows how hard it is to tinker with stuff like that without breaking something else.

It sucks that morons can’t restrict stuff like this to non-seasonal/offline play but I do at least admire their patience if they really did use these exploits for full primals. You couldn’t pay me enough to do it for just one item. This is a “don’t sleep for a damn month” scenario if there ever was one.
One thing these exploits are not is fast.

You can restore a save…more autosaves do nothing.

The answer has been posted many times on here.

Either do online saves or change the way the game seeds reforging away from the actual item but the item type.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me man. Auto save is exactly what broke the exploit for me until I learned a way to time it correctly.
Are you talking about restoring a save that’s copied on an external devise or something? There’s only one save file on hd which overwrites itself.

Most of the consoles offer a cloud backup of the saves including an “overwrite my local save file with the one in the cloud even if my local save is newer” feature probably meant to deal with “oops, my local save file is corrupt”, but people are using it for “oops, my local save file includes crafting whose outcome I didn’t like”.

On both XB1 and PS4 you can restore saves from cloud.

On PS4 you can export saves to any USB device thus autosave more often does nothing as the saves can be exported and imported.

There are other ways to beat it, see this time linked stamped YT vid I made saying how it can be beat: Diablo 3 - Consoles - Final Exploit on Season 11 - Potential Fix for Season 12? - YouTube

I also made a vid on the current state of cheating: The current state of cheating on Diablo 3 (On PC, PS4, XB1 & Switch) - YouTube

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There are a few games that dont allow online cheating, here is a small list from my ps4 games:
Path of Exile - all saves are on their servers (You cant even do something to test, and try to reload an offline save)

Dark Souls - if you cheat with item editors your game data is “corrupt” and the servers will no longer allow you to play with anyone online (you can play all you want off line). if you get caught, even a cloud/usb restore will not save you. You are banned forever. {you can still do a save to the cloud/usb and try a new area/boss/hard area and if you die, the game doesnt block you from doing a restore}

Mortal Kombat 11 - all progress is saved on the mk-cloud.

Er you are wrong about Dark Souls…you can restore saves on all three DS games…I tested it…no issues…people do it to save scumm.


I had no idea you could do stuff like that.
i was hoping my idea would work and help out if it was used.
In any case, thank both of you for the info and links.

First off, the game is broken anyways, having all primal ancients only gives you small % of boosts here and there, nothing a higher paragon level couldn’t also do. If they wanted to change this, they should just take away the reforge option, player get what the game drops, nothing else. Use materials to change 1 or 2 roles on an item, but not rerole the entire thing. But again, this doesnt mean anything, because I could spend the time to get perfect gear all legit and work up a decent paragon level and still watch a no-life play 80 hours a week and get to paragon 3000 with crap gear in a season and take my number 1 spot…(it’s happened to me twice) The game rewards those who play it more, not those who have skill… ITS A BROKEN GAME TO BEGIN WITH. so some exploits have been used, nothing a higher paragon level cant easily out do! Remaster D2 or make a whole new game, this one is done for

Because they play the long game vs the short game. If you think being #1 on leaderboards in the first 1 month means anything, nope. They wait till end to push when it actually matters. A good player would recognize that. The game is boring after a few weeks even with some new content. Same old dribble that is redundant. There are plenty of other games deserving of attention. D2 remastered is coming. To consoles? Highly doubtful.

Having key items primal is worth more than you realize. Yes a primal weapon may only give them 5%-10% more damage, then an off hand for another 20% from a multiplier, then a coe giving another 5%. Most of the items they reforge are the damage multiplier pieces. 1.10 x 1.20 x 1.05 = 1.386 or 38.6% more damage. If they only have 2000 paragon, you would have to have 2,772 to match their dmg output. If they have 2800, you need 3,8 up81 paragon. There is a point where it is not feasable to obtain the paragon required to match their dmg output. The seperation get even worse the more individual multipliers they have perfect by being primal. The above example was just 3. Some builds have 5-6 key miltiplier pieces that can give them 20% damage advantage. 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.1 x 1.05 x 1.07 = 1.7796 or 77.96% more damage. If they have 3000 paragon, there is no way you are going to obtain 5,339 paragon to break even.

The only Primals that are worth while are weapons and jewellery…+1940 on your weapon is huge as is 100% and 10% on your ammy and 50% on your rings.

Everything else is a simple minor stat stick.

This is why you see EVERYONE have these Primals because they use the reforge cheat to get them.

In 8 seasons I’ve never had Primal weapons and jewellery in one season…ever…