Change Gold Transferring on Consoles


I’d like to point out that transferring gold on consoles from inventory to stash and vice versa is unconventional.

You might spend 2+ minutes getting to your desired amount (for example 1,000,000+). Incremental jumps could be added with a bumper or somehow else.

Please like this post if you are on console!

See you in Hell! :boom:


when i was in closed beta, I got around this crappy interface by using the extra tabs for gold. I would store all in one tab, grab a smaller amount and store that in another tab and so on. I thought it was creative and saved me hours of scrolling 1 gold at a time

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Starting on PC since the UI with controller is terrible. I mean really bad. They could have learned a lot from how PoE did it.

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Good lord this was horrible