Challenge rifts 356 (Americas/EU)

Hello there,

this week we have similar Helltooth Zombie Bears CR’s on both servers.



Most important, for both ones - keep up Wall of Death as it gives you sets Damage and Damage Reduction.

Additional short guide in both videos.

Good luck!


Teddy bears! :heart: :laughing:

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I felt the monk last week was a lot harder than this week’s witch doctor. With the monk I finished with less than a second to spare. I had almost a full minute left with the WD. The trick is keeping your soul harvest up and ample use of piranhas as defense. Other than that it’s the standard Wall of Death, bear, bear, bear move, repeat.

I tried this one like 20 times and simply couldn’t do it. The margins are too tight and just stopping to kill anything makes you fall more and more behind; I feel that the original runner must have done something clever like rushing past a billion mobs to focus only on elites and shrines clustered together.

The monk last week was a piece of cake compared to this one.

Haven’t tried this one yet, but as a long time WD player, I think this is what is going on. Standard WD play is to use movement and cherry pick the elites or very large packs that die quick. Most WD builds suck trying to kill small groups. Don’t waste your time trying to kill everything.


Like always when there are bad CRs at season start - do them early so you can find a 4 man group. There is usually at least one guy with a clue, and the others can at least draw the fire from the mobs if it’s a squish build like this.

It reminded me to never play WD again.

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This CR is really easy… just change the left click to the right click (and vice versa),

Forget the small trash group and when you see an elite, right click and left click… and hop


The name contains word “Challenge” → This time there is some small amount of challenge included: just need to figure fitting tactics and you don’t need to play even close to perfection.
Just need to realize that one cannot play all challenge rifts the way one wants and pass the timer (for example kill mobs one wants instead of what is efficient for the build).

If you cannot figure it out in reasonable time, in the opening post of this thread you can see good example how to do it. There’s also always videos in youtube for each and every challenge rift.

Just did the EU one. Looked at your fine video but also checked out Cpt Honorseeker (he has a great accent :slightly_smiling_face: )
Some in his comments said it was difficult and impossible. I found it helpful to also use soul harvest as much as possible together with spirit walk and all the attack buttons. Also rearranging the skill buttons helps a lot.

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