Challenge Rift 347 NA , Monday, Feb 12 is horrible

Anyone able to figure this one out?

I need this for my Altar and don’t want to wait another week.

Pretty soon this channel will probably show how to do it:


Beat me to it!

In saying that, if it’s crap build/CR this week, I might just save myself the pain and skip it.


Thanks guys, I was able to figure it out.

All one has do do is use teleport and arcane orb.

Teleport, hit orb, stand in slowtime, hitting orb till monsters dead, over and over.


The Asia server had a horrible Raekor build last week. Total glass cannon that required insane luck to not get one-shot repeatedly. I’m hoping the new week will give a less sucky one.

Map 3 is a graveyard with tons of elites. Kill the yellows, skip most everything else while teleporting around and spamming Frozen Orb until you hit map 3 and get 25% progress in 10 seconds.

It’s quite doable but what moron ran that build?!? A wizard with ZERO shielding AND the Glass Cannon passive? And they’ve got Elemental Exposure and all Cold spells except Explosive Blast… which you can’t use because you get one-shot by all sorts of random stuff if you get close enough. I would’ve easily finished it but the last elite pack I fought mortared me twice before I could kill it… the 15 seconds to revive two extra times was enough to fail the riff… barely… 2s over.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to play wizards. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is why they call them Challenge Rifts. Almost every challenge rift is like that one. You just have to figure them out to do them. I try one a few weeks ago. It was a crusader and the first area was easy. Got to the 2nd area and it was what the hell happen.

Plus I was with 3 other people in a public game. We all die as soon as got into that area. Plus no matter what you did you just kept dying. Yes some of them are really bad.

It’s sad because they could have used Challenge Rifts to showcase the possible build diversity and the ingenuity of their player base. Instead Challenge Rifts in general just showcase that D3 players have no idea what they are doing.

It’s sad, we could get a fun unique build each week. Instead we get a clunky, hot mess.


Looking at the build again it appears what happened is the player recently got their 6 piece gift set (this season for wizard that’s Delsere’s Magnum Opus) and still had most of the skills/passives selected from their leveling journey.

Yeah… a hot (or in this case cold) mess of a build.


I feel the same way about Set Dungeons.

When Blizzard first announced Set Dungeons I thought, “this is going to be great.”  We would have an arena-type environment that would allow us to see just what a Set can do. A place where we could practice getting the most out of the Set.

But, no. Blizzard just had to make it another hoop for players to jump through. A bunch of annoying actions to complete in order to check another Objective off of the Season Journey list.  


Another example of what has plagued D3 development for a long time. Great idea, horrible implementation.

These modes show how sloppy the development was and a complete lack of testing and actual game knowledge the Dev’s had. How many set dungeons:

didn’t play anywhere near the set was designed
forced you to gimp the build to complete
required you to kill x groups of y monsters, yet the maps didn’t support that
required clunky mechanics resembling Challenge Rifts
and the lazy Mastery requirement of “kill all monsters” on every set dungeon whether the build was mass damage (like UE) or single target (like Shadow).

Set dungeons were a shot a good diversion end game activity, and boy, did they goof it up.


Cpt Honorseeker even calls it an easy one (I’m not planning on running it :grin: )

Very true. Almost all CRs feature “builds” that are just some random skills and gear thrown together without any thought of how they would complement each other. As result they are either powerless, glass cannon or even both. And the challenge they provide is not actual challenge but fustration.

CRs could in theory provide ideas for non-meta builds that are efficient and survivable yet also providing suitable challenge that doesn’t make people wanting to bash their heads to a brick wall. This potential is completely wasted.


I tried it once just for the hell of it. Another Dumb Build Rift. No thank you. :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

Yup. Here is how I think Crifts should have been implemented:

Build Acquisition
Once a year Blizz accepts build submissions for a 2 week period.
They have someone spend a week selecting 5 builds per class.
Gear and paragon are set for the builds selected.
Take those 35 builds and mix in 17 meta builds for a full year of builds.

Game Play
A static Orek’s Dream rift is selected for each build.
Players choose what GR level to run the build.
Leader boards are determined by who ran the highest GR the fastest.

Crift cache is awarded for every 10 levels done starting at GR50.
Top 1000 gets you and extra Crift cache.
Top 500 gets you 2 extra Crift cache.
Top 100 gets you 4 extra Crift cache.
Top 10 gets you 8 extra Crift cache.
Top 5 gets you 16 extra Crift cache.

IMO this is a significantly better way to do the Crifts and the only cost is paying someone for a week to select builds.

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Challange rifts…

Challange rifts are fresh dog sh…

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Thanks for your opinion.

yeah that was a BAD CR. Just tried it (had forgotten to do it earlier on in the week). Pretty horrible. Not the worst that I’ve seen though (not even close).

Stop insulting dogs–it’s way worse than dog excrement!

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