Challenge rift 253 on the Switch not giving materials

I played CR 253 twice on the Switch and beat the times however I got no materials. I did it twice for good measure and again no stuff. WTH?

Did you take the portal back to formally finish? Did you activate non-season by accident? You did actually pick up the bag and opened it (don’t know if you are a new player or if you played challenges many times before)?

Can’t really think of any other way this could go wrong without glitches, bugs or other nastiness…

I’ve been playing for awhile. And everything you said I’ve done right. I even did it twice to make sure I didn’t quit the challenge with the game saving and transferring the gift. I may try again though I doubt I’ll beat my last time. My PC and Xbox worked fine except the switch which has been slow to update in the past.

Weird, dude… A pitty, since it was such an easy one… Oh well, doing the 25 bounties shoud take you about an hour, and get you the same result or better at T16. If you were looking for a quick start to the season: next week or a slooooooooow grind to 70… Good luck!

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Sounds like you done it. Yes it was easy for me on other platforms. Yeah lol I’ll stick to easy CRs to get mats. Can’t wait to get the echoing nightmare stuff mainly for the season. Good luck to you too.

Addendum: Argh!!! I just done CR 254 now. NP with the PC and Xbox again. Now the switch doing everything right “apparently” I managed to get an older NON-SEASONAL to get the material. Where and when the switch decides who gets the materials? I thought the last character played before the CR? I don’t know why the switch is having problems for me now constantly with CRs.

If you want bag on seasonal character you have to make sure you have seasonal character selected. Then go to game settings → challenge rift.