Cesar's Memento and mob CC resistance

I don’t understand how Tempest Rush - Flurry builds works.

I analyzed info about mobs CC resistance mechanic, and according to it such builds should not work in high GR. Important facts about CC from Wiki
(https:// diablo.fandom. com/wiki/Crowd_Control):

  1. Each successful Knockback or Pull adds flat 40% Hard CC resistance to a mob;
  2. Hard Crowd Control effects (like Blind) have a threshold limit: when a monster’s resistance increases to the point that it lowers Hard CC duration below a specific threshold (0.65 seconds for normal monsters, Champions and minions and 0.85 seconds for Rares and Bosses), Hard CC will no longer have any effect on them.

Since Won Khim Lau triggers knockback each second, mobs reach CC resistance cap of 95% very fast.
Blinding Flash duration is 3 seconds, 95% CC res lowers it to 0.15 seconds which is far lower than a required threshold (0.65 or 0.85 seconds).
Thus, Blind should not be applied and as a result, Cesar’s Memento bonus should not work.

So, how is it supposed to work with those CC res mechanics?

You forgot the 2P-Bonus of the PoJ-Set :sunflower:

Due to the Fact that you have every Rune, it doesnt matter wich one you choose, the freeze of the “Master of the Wind” is always active, wich gives you another layer of hard CC in this build.

Wich is a reason more, why i tend to run with my enchantress on higher GR, instead of the Templar.
At least, chicken cant hurt you and you get a bit extra dmg.

The only let down is, that the Executioner doesnt work on her :nauseated_face:
neither on her auto attackts, nor her abilitys -.-

What you said neither answers my question nor contradicts it.

It does not matter which hard CC is applied to trigger Cesar’s Memento bonus, what matters is that ANY hard CC should be cancelled and have no effect due to the reasons described above.

Items like Cesar’s Memento, Strongarms, Hammer Jammers only require players to hit monsters with CC effects, whether they are actually affected or not (even if they’re completely immune) is irrelevant.

On the other hand, items like Bracers of Fury or Krysbin’s Sentence require monsters being CC’d to proc.

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No one runs templar for his CC, as a CC’ing follower screws up pulls. If anything they run him for Inspiration, as that 10% added to epiphany is pretty big for a SWK monk.

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Where have i sayed this :eyes:

There are only 2 reason to take the stupid templar
1.) healing (if you dont have enough)
2.) reasource-gain

So dont try to put me any words in my mouth, i had never sayed.

I just wanted to clarify due to how broken your english is. Not saying it negatively, nor to cause any offense ( I understand we’re all not from the US, and english is not everyone’s native language ), but you did mention the enchantress’s CC, which also DR’s, and also messes with pulling appropriately.

I’ve been wondering this too sometimes I’ll chunk a monster then hit them for nothing both with 100 stacks and cold cycle I think it’s due to them being put into immunity from sweeping winds, with sweeping winds pulling mobs and freezing mobs, it puts them into immunity very fast. I’m wondering if it’s best to run away from the mobs and just run back to them on physical cycle so their not immune? But then u can’t really gather trash.

Drew, what you say contradicts what HunterKiller told above. He told CC immunity does not matter and Cesar’s Memento should still apply.

Are you sure that in your tests it didn’t apply after some period of time?