Captain Crimson with Roland


Anyone try this on PTR? Judging by the set bonuses of new Captain’s I’d say Rolands would be the perfetct fit for both Shield Bash and Sweep. Both are rather wrath hungry and lacking CDR in gear as vitality is a favoured stat for survivability.


I haven’t been able to test the PTR unfortunately, but I was wondering the same thing. I was also playing around with an Akkhan’s build using that set for t16 farming on the character planner, just wish I could get a chance to try them out. Would love to know if anyone else tried them.


From the Akkhan Synergy thread thread:

Prioritizing these buffs is like a puzzle, but for damage i’m going to order them like this:

  • 6-piece Roland’s = 3x @ 5 stacks (worth even more on the rift guardian)
  • Endless Walk = 2.0x
  • Convention of Elements = 1.75x (if you play well)
  • Capt Crimson = 1.43x w/ 56% CDR and 30% in sweeper rolls) | 1.35x same conditions but with Aughild
  • Aughild = 1.3x vs trash|1.56x (w/ furnace against elite) 1.69x (w/o furnace against elite)
  • Furnace = 1.5x vs elite (w/o Aughild) 1.38x (w/ Aughild)
  • Zodiac = 15% (~40% extra uptime on Akarat’s)

4-Piece (really was no good)
Aughild + Capt Crimson
Furnace -> Echoing Fury
OrotZ -> RoRG

The only way I made 4-piece work was by cubing Echoing Fury. There is just no way to recuperate from the loss in attack speed, and playing it out on PTR confirmed this. I simulated Pig Sticker w/ Gogok + Fervor, we end up at 2.25 APS and it’s probably complete crap on a rift guardian with no adds. I think it’s a dead end build.

So let’s talk more about the 6-piece situation, where you sacrificed OrotZ. I replicated this and thought it felt pretty good. I also tried Hold Your Ground with Akarat’s Awakening and it was smooth on trash, but the elites were hanging around too long, a trash only build.

Aughild + Furnace = Probably best setup for groups.
Aughild + Awakening = A little weaker than standard setup.
Crimson + Furance = Comparable to the standard setup.
Crimson + Awakening = Good for Trash, Poor on Elites and RG.


I’m assuming this is shield bash? Have you tried lightning or fire sweep?


Pop over to the ak synergy thread? Dark and i both provided feed back on how Rolands sweep with crimson feels. Sorry on phone, hard to copy paste :blush:


This is feedback from sweeper, I ran holy.


Doesn’t Zodiac and the massive attack speed on Roland’s handle most of the CDR requirements? Flense returns the necessary Wrath imo except in <=2 targets. You don’t want to be fighting that few of enemies anyways since then Denial is weakened.


It’s pretty crap without the 6-piece bonus. If Blizz decides to update Echoing Fury to, ‘on hit’ this might change the practicality of just hybrid 4-piece|3-piece. The default Roland’s build is hard to improve upon, even running Capt Crimson is questionable.