Can't see my loot in chat

no one in our clan can see each other loots or even our own loot,
This started this week, and yes all our function are click on news to see the loot.
but some not all of our friend can see there clan and there own loot.
Please check it out

Hey Deathy,

Let’s make sure that you have settings turned on to see loot in the channel. In game press N, go to news, click gear icon, check items checkbox.
If everything is set correctly turn off and on again. This also can clear itself up on its own usually.

As I mention on my question ALL are turn on in the news section I have turn on and off a few times and still I don’t see my loot and the last gear shown on news for one of our members dates back to 9/15,
so your suggestion has been done and didn’t help.
Is your game please fix it

Same for my clan. It all stopped last Tuesday. I can see loot in the News feed up until last Tuesday. All options are selected under gear icon.

Having the same issue. No notifications for loot of any kind, despite checking multiple times to ensure all options configured properly. Would appreciate some sort of indication this issue has been acknowledged and is being looked into, beyond some sort of vague hope it will correct itself out randomly. Thanks.

Probably not the right spot but I need some help please, I can reply on the forums but I cannot make a new post for some unknown reason, I push the button for a new post and nothing happens , I preordered the game on pc and on switch and I really want to make a feedback post for the switch with some questions too ? Please any help will be appreciated

Same issue since last week. Also that gear icon only filters the news log. I should be seeing loot drop when someone loots in chat and it should also be saved to the News screen.

I see items in the News log which you asked us to filter but no NEW items are being added to the News log.

Also it is not just loot. Turns out it is also not appending anything to the News tab, achievements etc.

nothing in my clan items found page in news…nothing comes up in chat when any clan find items…no achievements are showing in chat once a clan member has achieved them…last update to items page in news was 2 weeks ago…tried switching it off and on again sigh
no effect

Same issue in my Clan. No Loot or Achievements in chat. Last Loot news was from 2 weeks ago. I can make posts to the news board, but no loot.

Same thing for our /c chat. Loot no longer shows up.

working again now…thank you to whoever fixed it

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