Can't login after being logged in

I changed characters a few times quickly and now I can’t login anymore, like it won’t even let me connect anywhere, even if I change servers. What happened?

You triggered the automatic bot defense system on old Bnet. It has a whole bunch of things that are designed to stop bots, but also sometimes hit real players.

Here is the Support Article on Temp Restrictions in D2 (2000)

These hopefully won’t be an issue on D2R which will be hosted on modern Battlenet with the other Blizz games.

sometimes ??? it almost always hits real players, the bots are smart enough to not trigger it.

if you go to the d2 forum they can tell you the time frames, but I think its a 3 hour ban if you log in and out too many times is a short period of time, It’s only like 3 times and the ban happens. if you try to relog back in during the ban time, the ban time resets.