Cant help it lol d4 stuff

its not finished… how long did it take to make d4 at this stage its in now…
i cant post there… LOL i dont have the game… but im playing d3 more now that its out… thank you lol , some say it should of just been an expansion. to d3. no thanks
people complaining about making a new character for season… yes. each season… u will have to make a new one… u didnt play d3 seasons ? lol sorry

im afraid of a starcraft 3 , please dont rush it.

ive enjoy the past…


So, you are complaining about D4 on the D3 forum and you have never even played the game.


Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

I’ve never played pickle ball, but I’m going to go into a ping pong fan forum page and rant about pickle ball.


I do not like Pizza Hut so I will go to Taco Bell and tell them how much I do not Like Pizza Hut. Even though I have never had a Pizza Hut Pizza in my life. If other people do not like Pizza Hut that is good enough of me. :taco:


oh oh its the police of the posts… watch out

How appropriate, as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC are all owned by the same company.


I think we all know here that D:IV is bad.

Something about a 2.0/10 rating… or low twitch viewership for a game barely 2 months old… or lame campfire chats that attempt to placate the crowd… or the overall forum posts in D:IV forums… or the low player count reports…


Might give BG3 a try though.

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After reading the posts at the DIV forums off and on, I am glad I decided to wait till the DIV goes on sale. $89.99 or up to $129.99 Canadian seems like a lot for a broken, unpolished game.

The D:IV forum is more entertaining than the game. Huge bonus that the forum isn’t too zoomed in. :wink:

I would have so much fun picking on the D4 players on that forum but I refuse to buy the game.

They bought it. It’s their fault that they’re unhappy… But they got exactly the game they deserved

It’s going to be even funnier when the “live service” part of the requires them to fork over more money for every meaningful update, and then end then give up on significant support after only a few years despite making all the money

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I have noticed there are some snarly folks over there, unfortunatly it seems that there more posters that are very dissapointed the way DIV has started out but I am sure with a couple of good patches and added QOL additions it will definitely be a game worth buying. :crossed_fingers:

D4…Brought to you by the same lamers who gave us Diablo Immortal. Don’t you think that at Blizzcon when they didn’t have any D4 content we should have known they were in panic mode? Why did so many of the developers leave the project or got fired for telling them in advance the game sucked and they needed to scrap it (again) and start fresh? I think the first iteration of the game would have been better than the poop storm they unleashed on a mostly unsuspecting public.

Yes. The lead designer and a lot of talent left after the alegations of abuse and frat boy culture. Management is at fault big time at ActiBlizz, they and their actions (or lack there of) led to this. They did not gave the D4 team enough time after Joe Shely (and who knows how many other crutial members shifted during developement) took over the project and finish the game properly.

Still i’d say knowing this, and going into the game with that in mind, it is more than bareable and the team will have to finish it on the go sadly. It’s pretty sad that a huge company puts their employees in such a position. They take the blame while management enjoys the massive income, that the hype generated.

And people belived the hype, got carried away, built up hope and they now feel betrayed because they were not thinking rationaly. So now they are frustrated and again don’t think rationaly because of this.