Can't decide between a primal and an ancient Inna's Reach


I am kind of new at playing the Monk (all I’ve played is Inna during season 25 and now in ns), hence this question.

I’ve dropped a primal Inna’s Reach back in season 25 but I’ve never used it as it’s quite bad rolled.

So I am hesitating between keeping using my current ancient one which is perfect rolled to play to play maxroll Inna Water max damage version of the build, but has quite a low damage range, or this primal one which misses AS (as I got it from maxroll, +10% damage is better than +7% AS, so that’s what I’ve rerolled).

Here is a screenshot of the difference between the 2 daibos (I’ve pressed SHIFT before the screenshot so what you see on this pic is the difference without the augment on the non primal daibo):

The primal one seems to be just a little better than the ancient one but I’m not sure cuz I’m thinking that the absence of +7% AS may slow me in stacking other things (maybe Stricken on boss for instance… and maybe other things), but as I said I don’t know as I am still new at playing the Monk…

What do you guys think?

If you want to push : I can’t tell which one is better. Anyway, you’d better go with shenlongs.
If you want to run speed GRs : I guess both are pretty much the same.
If you want to run t16 rift or bounties, both are overkill. Btw, you might want to roll rcr on your daibo and use it whith inna 6 raiment 4 build for bounties.

Finally, primal stuff are great cause they are easy to reroll.

Question - did you roll off the socket first, then add a socket back with Rama’s gift on the Primal?

I don’t think so, as the non-primal has more attributes than the primal. Forgive me if I am wrong. If a weapon rolls with a socket, and I want to keep it, I roll off the socket, then add a socket with a Rama gift and then do the modifying - it lets you roll in another attribute, or roll something else on the weapon.

As it is, I think with 7% attack speed increase, the non-primal is the way to go - can’t see the compared damage of both, but I think the math favors your non-primal.


I think the numbers on the bottom of your primal, comparing the two tells the story. Looks like primal for the win here.

Thanks for your answers!

It’s just for speed farming.

Yes, indeed! I used to use it for bounties with Coolred or Increases Spirit generation instead of 10% DMG, I can’t remember. But I take note that RARC would be a more appropriate choice, thanks!

Yeap, I did!

The extra attribute is the Caldesann’s Despair as only the ancient non primal daibo has been augmented so far. Apart from that, both have 5 primary attributes.


I’m still wondering though, as I read yesterday on maxroll GR speeds guide for Inna Water allies that with “higher Attack Speed all your animations become a bit faster”. I suppose the two daibos are very close, anyway!

I’ll augment the primal one and give it a try!