Can't claim challenge rift reward [NINTENDO]


I’d like to report the well-known-bug about Diablo 3.**

I play diablo 3 on switch.
I was never able to get the challenge rift rewar.
I successfully completed the Challenge Rift.

I speak to lady.

I confirmed the green checkmark.

BUT there’s no icon on the obelisk in adventure mode.

My husband also plays diablo 3 on switch but it never happens to him.

It happened to me 3 times; 2 years ago, 1 week ago and 3 days ago.

If it happens again on next week, I’ll literally quit the game.

On this season(28) the cache is needed for the Alter.

I will not be able to progress anymore.

I’m so annoying.

  1. I uninstalled and installed the game.
  2. I restarted console many times.
  3. I restarted the game with EVERY level…
  4. I checked every non-seasonal character and every seasonal character.
  5. I checked the update the Nintendo Switch system and the game.

Many users are experiencing the same thing:

Here you can see the posts of 2020 through 3 days ago.

And it seems to happen only to console users; Nintendo and Xbox

You should DO something.


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I also created a bug report for the same thing. I found a post from awhile ago where the person figured out their issue. They said they had the wrong date. Turns out my date was off too. Once I reset my date time to current time, I ran the challenge rift and received my reward. I don’t know if your date is out of whack or if this will resolve your issue but it did work for me. I am hoping it works for you too, wishing you the best for the season. (No I don’t work for blizzard just a player)

Ps: I tried setting the dates to the day after I ran my first three challenge rifts and it did not give me the cache. It didn’t work till the date was current, reran, and then got the new cache which I immediately sacrificed on the altar to the gaming gods.

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Because you changed the switch time

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Mine still doesn’t work either and I’ve changed nothing about my switch.

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System Settings > System > Date and Time > Synchronise Clock via Internet

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